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In this world of modernity, recklessness, and imprudence, almost all the people want to complete their daily chores in the less possible time. Therefore, people use vehicles to manage their time. The unskilled drivers put their as well as others life in danger.

The ratio of accidents is continuously being increased, and there is often no compensation. If you are a victim to road accident and looking for a conversation, then you need to go to St. Louis personal injury attorneys. Moreover, if there is any other issue like the dog bite, one must go to the attorney.

Marvelous representation

Schultz and Myers provide extraordinary support to their customer because the lawyers are extremely skilled and certified. They will win the case for you, and they will provide you with compensation. The fundamental belief of this company is to make sure that the people who show recklessness must be held accountable to the court.

The representatives are present in a wide range across Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois.


The skill and efficiency of any company primarily depend upon its association with multinational organizations. The major plus point of this company is that the founders belong to those legal organizations which have a marvelous reputation, including Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Forum.


Truck incidents are so common nowadays and are highly problematic. The reason behind this is that the people included in the accident may get severe injuries. The problem increases when there is no guarantee for the compensation of the vehicle, and the insurance companies also pay no heed. They need a firm proof in this case.

St. Louis truck incident attorney will not only stand with you, but it will also help you to find solid proof. In addition to this, you may contact the car accident lawyer Josh Myers in case of a terrible car incident.


The law firm gives priority to your interests. In case of an accident, the injured person needs a hefty amount to pay for medical bills. The law firm feels the pain and grief of the victim and his family members. In addition to this, the lawyers infuse a sense of determination in the victim.

So if your beloved one is a victim then stand up for his rights and ping with our attorney.

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Accidents guest blogs

Delayed Injury Symptoms That You Need to Watch For After a Car Accident

Delayed Injury Symptoms That You Need to Watch For After a Car Accident

A car accident is one of those things that is always a grim possibility whenever we go out for a drive. Car accidents may vary in severity but there will always be one common denominator among all of them—the damage and the trauma.

Some injuries will be detected immediately (i.e. head injuries and cuts), while others have a more insidious nature. While some injuries may appear benign just after the incident, they can rear their ugly head later on when the victims no longer expect to be dealing with them.

Delayed Injury Symptoms That You Need to Watch For After a Car Accident

To avoid the possibility of escalating or permanent injuries, here are some injury symptoms that you need to check after a car accident.


It’s not uncommon for you to experience headaches a few days after a car accident. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be taken lightly. If you were not adequately examined by a doctor immediately after your accident, a headache can be a sign that you are suffering from a concussion.

Concussions can lead to serious disabilities and even death if left untreated. That’s why accident victims are always warned to seek help as soon after an accident as possible. At this point, it’s best that you best see a doctor within three days of experiencing the symptoms.

Abdominal Pain

If you experience abdominal pain, swelling, or bruising a few days after the accident, that’s a big red flag and you should call an EMT immediately. The reason for the urgency is that abdominal pain and swelling are often signs of internal bleeding.

Internal injuries are likely in an accident where you’ve been thrown around the interior of the car. It’s even possible that your seatbelt could have stopped you forcefully enough to cause some internal damage.


PTSD is common after a car accident. And it’s an indication that you’re extremely bothered by the accident to the point that it’s adversely affecting your psyche. Victims will often feel as though they’re experiencing the accident all over again.

It’s best to get in touch with a doctor if these flashbacks begin to hinder you from functioning either socially or occupationally. It’s also a good idea to get in contact with an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you sue for damages if necessary.

Back Pain

Back pain is often an indicator of damage to muscles, ligaments, nerves, or worst of all, the vertebrae. If you’ve been recently involved in a rear impact accident, it’s best to have your back checked, which will more than likely entail that you need to get X-rayed.

Shoulder Pain

If you’ve been wondering when whiplash was going to be mentioned, it’s here and it’s now. Shoulder pain, as well as neck pain, are two of the most indicative symptoms that you may have whiplash. Whiplash injuries are caused by the acceleration and deceleration force that’s always present in car accidents. While it’s not necessarily a life-threatening injury, whiplash can greatly hinder movement which, in itself will cause a plethora of problems.
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Dissecting a Crash Test Dummy

Dissecting a Crash Test Dummy

In every corner of the world, car accidents are one of the major causes of trauma and death. For example in the United States, each year trauma accounts for 42 million emergency department visits and 2 million hospital admissions across the nation. Crash test dummies have made our cars substantially safer and have undoubtedly saved many lives. Unfortunately most people don’t know much about crash test dummies and how amazing they are (for example they can record over 30,000 data points in a single crash). In this infographic, you can take a close look at crash test dummies:

Dissecting a Crash Test Dummy
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