Important Things to Consider Before Weight-Loss Surgery

Important Things to Consider Before Weight-Loss Surgery

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and weight-loss surgery has been highly recommended to shut off the overflow of American obesity and its load of complications. A third of adult Americans are now classified as obese, and two-thirds are overweight. Some have blood glucose levels considered pre-diabetic, and a whopping 29 million are full-blown type […]

Struggling with Full-blown Bulimia

For almost all my adult life, I struggled with full-blown bulimia. I started nourishing a destructive relationship with my own body at a very early age and quickly fell in the vicious cycle of eating disorders when I was 13. As I grew older, my issues grew with me, more and more serious. I spent […]

Top 10 Most Common Dental Problems

For a relatively small space, your mouth has a whole lot going on, health-wise. As the Mayo Clinic somewhat charmingly puts it, your kisser is teeming with bacteria, most harmless, but left alone they are capable of causing real problems in your overall oral well-being. Most of us know that the American Dental Association recommends […]