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The Best Ways to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones

The Best Ways to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones

The Best Ways to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones

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Blasting fat from the body for good requires an understanding of how the body stores and burns fat. If you can learn to activate your fat burning hormones, you can win the battle of the bulge and enjoy a lean and trim body and optimal health for life. Follow these three simple steps to activate your body’s natural fat burning hormones.

Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones

Cut Out Sugar

Sweetened sodas, cookies and other sweet treats are simply empty calories that are standing between you and the body you want. Sugar often hides out in foods we don’t suspect—stealthily sabotaging our weight loss and fat burning efforts. Starchy vegetables, white breads and some pastas contain sugars that can make burning fat a challenge. Even some “healthy” foods like cereals contain sugar. Cutting sugar from your diet will encourage your body to use its fat stores for energy instead of the food you are eating daily. You will start to see weight loss immediately by activating your fat burning hormones.

Move More

Daily exercise is the best way to activate your fat burning hormones and fight fat for good. Performing exercise is hard work for the body and it forces your body to use energy to keep your momentum going. It does not even take strenuous exercise to activate these hormones. Simply increasing your level of activity is enough to signal the brain that extra work has to be done and the body will need to start the fat burning process. Walking a little further from the parking lot, taking the stairs and going for walks with a dog will all make a difference in the fight against fat.

Add in the Good Stuff

Adding whole grains, vegetables and fruits to your diet will do wonders for your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning powerhouse. If you are overweight, it is difficult for your body to get all of the calories it needs to survive when your diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This means that your body will have no other choice but to rely on stored fat for energy. You will see the fat fall off your body almost immediately.

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Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones 1

Imagine you go to a supermarket and need to buy flour, but the shelves are empty. The stock clerk then has to go to the stockroom and get more bags of flour to fill the shelf. As long as there are bags on the shelf, there is no need for the clerk to get more. However, when the shelf empties, he will need to use the bags that are in storage.

When you eat junk food, it is like taking bags of flour from a full shelf. Your body will simply use what is already there. There will be no need to burn stored fats. If, however, you eat healthy foods and exercise, your shelf will empty quickly, leaving you no choice but to rely on the stockroom of stored fat in the body.

Activate your fat burning hormones and turn your body into a fat-burning powerhouse.


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How To Get Rid of Male Acne

How To Get Rid of Male Acne

How To Get Rid of Male Acne
By Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski

Because guys have more testosterone, acne will be harder to treat. But this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Patience and persistence should be main forces during the male acne eliminating process, so in order to stay on track, you need to know the facts surrounding all treatment options.
There are two major approaches to acne treatment currently.

To control the symptoms. Most topical agents focus on killing bacteria trapped in the pimples without really breaking the cycle of acne by returning sebaceous glands to the “normal” activity)
To prevent new acne from forming by modulating the factors that actually over-stimulate sebaceous glands, and by doing this, stopping the acne cycle.

Most products that are promoted to control acne symptoms such as non-prescription gels, creams, lotions or pads help to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, as well as kill bacteria. They include two familiar ingredients:
benzoyl peroxide,
salicylic acid, or glycolic acid
These ingredients may help, yet they usually don’t break the acne cycle and may also irritate, dry and prematurely age the skin.

How To Get Rid of Male Acne II

The more serious treatment options include:

Antibiotics taken orally or rubbed into the skin
Vitamin A derivatives, known as retinoids, or (systemic) Isotretinoin.
A word of caution is required regarding these options. Antibiotics may cause a number of side effects such as stomach problems, allergic reaction, UV ray sensitivity and as a result higher probability of sun burns. Their overuse leads to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria that represent a serious danger to our health. Again, the target of the antibiotics is bacteria trapped in the pores of the skin and not the cause of acne. The Isotretinoin (brand name Accutane) is presently a subject of class action suit for its serious adverse effects, and has been taken off the market. The generic forms of the drug have the same side effects. Even some supplements designed to help acne can actually cause other problems if used in higher doses.
And then there are non-chemical treatments, including, which is a natural treatment that does not have any of the side effects or long term effects like many of the other treatments available today. Unlike everything else, it also PREVENTS new acne from forming. And since hormonal acne is a result of internal factors, acne can only really be treated from the inside out. This is what does.
In addition to treating acne, chamomile is a natural, effective option to help control inflammation and bacteria. When applied topically, chamomile can help the inflammation associated with acne, razor bumps or irritation.
How to use: You can make your own chamomile astringent by taking 3-4 chamomile tea bags (or 2 handfuls of the dry plant) and brewing it into a very strong tea. When cooled, splash or use on a cotton pad all over your face twice a day. Keep the leftovers in the refrigerator, but use or discard in two days.

Azulene, a chamomile derivative, can also be used. It has anti-inflammatory properties with a long respected history as a natural medicinal product, dating back to the 15th century, and is designed to repair and soothe problem skin.   You can find after-shave lotions or oils with Azulene (choose the highest content). For body acne, add Azulene essential oil to the bath.
How to Use: Add this essential oil to a bath (20- 25 drops). No need to mix any other essential oil with it. Use warm water and soak for up to 30 minutes.
In order to make the most informed decision about how to effectively treat your acne, you should have all the facts so that you can finally end the cycle of acne once and for all.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 3.39.09 PMDr. Agnes Olszewski, CEO of Herborium, natural medicine expert
“My work in China in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, and my personal experience while growing up in Europe, inspired me to develop Herborium®, a novel Botanical Therapeutics® company, based on a new, innovative healthcare concept that combines science and nature. Our approach has already been proven up to 98% effective in our acne treatment, AcnEase®.”