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Here’s 8 Things Your Breasts Would Say If They Could Talk

Here's 8 Things Your Breasts Would Say If They Could Talk

Here’s 8 Things Your Breasts Would Say If They Could Talk

Conversation is the key to communication. But what if that conversation was coming from your breasts? Consider the injustice, embarrassment, confusion, and perhaps even anger that they would express upon. They are in the forefront, first to cross the finish line, and impossible to hide. If indeed they could talk, this is the 8 things my breasts would say if they could talk.

Here's 8 Things Your Boobs Would Say If They Could Talk

1. Stop staring at me!
On the occasion that a garment is allowing some cleavage, the eye contact of certain individuals becomes nearly non-existent. If I had a nickel for every time that a guy tried to strike up a conversation with my breasts…

2. Where did all of my support go?
We all own a bra that fits just the way we like it, nice and comfortable. Although comfy, it must be considered that support is being sacrificed. This support may be crucial to the support needed for proper posture and perky breasts.

3. Oh my gosh! Is that a lump?
No, it’s just the inside of my bra falling apart. Many inferior bras are quick to fall apart and leave you hanging with no support.

4. How did I get down here?
Over time the elastic in a bra’s support system will become brittle and stretched out. This allows the breasts to sag and sway noticeably.

5. Quit squishing me!
Bras that are too tight around the middle will force the extra fat from a side breasts to intrude and push the two breasts together.

6. Where did you come from?
Breast enlargement during pregnancy is often a surprise and a welcomed development according to men. Engorged and tender breasts require a bra that is supportive and comfortable.

7. I can’t breathe!
When you have large breasts, wearing a sports bra can really suck. The material is normally made from a tightly knit elastic type material that doesn’t breathe very well.

8. I am pretty, oh so pretty!
There are many times when breasts represent all that is unique, beautiful, and feminine about a woman. When a bra is the correct fit, size, and design, it enhances the natural beauty of the female form.

When it comes to imaginary talking body parts, my breasts certainly have enough to say. Although they love to bounce free, wearing the right bra when I have to keep them quiet. Keep your breasts silent with a well fitting and supportive “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.”

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Decreasing Your Breast Size Naturally

Decreasing Your Breast Size Naturally

Natural Breast-Reduction Tips
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

1. Lose excess weight

Breast tissue is composed of 90% fat. Losing excess fat is a healthy way to naturally reduce your breast size. However, fat loss should not be targeted to a specific body part. Focus should be on an overall weight-loss plan and eventually helps you reduce breast size as well.

2. Herbal Breast pills

One option to try that is safe is herbal breast-reduction pills. They are known to reduce breast size with minimal or no side-effects and are economical.

3. Breast creams and lotions

A popular method for breast reduction is lotions or creams that shrink breast size, tone breast tissue, and reduce stretch marks. You can get beautiful shape and size by simply massaging your breasts with these lotions or creams.

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4. Well-Fitted Bras

Minimizing bras are available for women with large breasts which re-shape and makes breasts appear smaller. The size can be reduced by almost a cup size with minimizing bras.

Decreasing your breast size naturally

5. Aerobics

Exercise that increases heart rate is aerobic exercise. This includes biking, running, swimming, jogging, and playing sports. When heart rate is kept at its peak for a longer duration effective fat loss occurs. Your metabolism is improved by aerobics. Doing aerobics for 30 minutes at least four times a week is effective.

6. Anaerobic exercises

Anaerobic exercises tone or build muscle. To ensure that excess muscles are not built this can be done alternatively with aerobics. Perform exercises that concentrate on your upper body to reduce breast size. Push-ups, pull-ups and bench presses are a few of these exercises. Muscles under your chest will be toned and your breasts will appear to be smaller in size.

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7. Avoid unhealthy food

Unhealthy food items like refined foods, processed foods, deep fried, and high-sugar foods should be avoided. Broiler chicken is injected with growth hormones, which enlarges chicken breasts, these should be avoided. Breast size can be reduced by avoiding these food items.

8. Nutrition

Foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, lean meat, nuts, and low-fat dairy products should be part of your healthy diet.

9. Drink water

Drink adequate fluid daily, this helps you lose weight and reduce breast size. This does not include soft drinks, juices, or any fluid which contains sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Here are some natural ways to increase your breast size without the hassles of surgery.