Common Knee Cartilage Problems

Common Knee Cartilage Problems Cartilage is tough, flexible, connective tissue with a rubbery feel that covers the ends of bones. It’s found almost everywhere in the skeletal system to protect joints and allow bones to move freely against each other. It is because of cartilage that we are able to bend our knees and elbows […]

Common Habits That May Damage Your Knees

Common Habits That May Damage Your Knees “Hello, it’s me, your knee. On behalf of your body, I need to tell you there’s a grave situation going on down here.” Sometimes our knees talk to us, don’t they? They may warn us of an impending injury, and message us in advance. Other times, there’s a […]

Arthritis, Common Types and Remedies

The pain and stiffness you feel around your joints may just be a sign that you’re getting on in years, then again, it may mean something else altogether. Doctors use arthritis as a catchall term for inflammation of the joints. Arthritis, of which there are many different, identifiable conditions, refers more specifically to inflammation of […]