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Golden Honey: This Powerful Antibiotic Does Wonders For Your Immune System

The Golden Honey Mixture is claimed to be the strongest natural antibiotic. It stimulates the body’s natural immune defense without the use of prescription antibiotics. It is composed of turmeric and raw, natural honey. Turmeric is a plant belonging to the ginger family and is most commonly cultivated in Asia and India. Turmeric has over one hundred uses in addition to those it has when combined with the raw honey. There are ongoing clinical trials utilizing turmeric for the treatment and cure of Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease. It can be used as an antioxidant and also has certain properties that are known to reduce the risks of cancer. When these two ingredients are mixed together, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory and aids in building a strong immune system as well. It can be consumed for bacterial infections, as well as viral infections with no side effects. Golden Honey may also help lower blood pressure and can help with digestion.

Golden Honey This Powerful Antibiotic Does Wonders For Your Immune System

The most known use for the Golden Honey mixture is as a cold remedy. To make this golden mixture, you will need 3.5 ounces of all natural raw honey and 1 tablespoon of turmeric. Mix well and store in a container.

When taken at the first symptoms of a cold, you must follow these instructions:

Take half of a teaspoon every hour the first day. Take half of a teaspoon every two hours the following day. On the third day you must take half of a teaspoon three times. Let the mixture sit in your mouth until dissolved.

For treatments in respiratory diseases:

Take half a teaspoon three times daily during the week. This may be added to tea or milk if desired.

Helpful Tips for using Golden Honey Mixture:

This mixture is most helpful for the throat and lungs if taken before meals. If taken while eating, it is most effective on the digestive system. Consuming after meals is best for the colon and kidneys. Using local honey may increase the effects of this mixture.

This Golden Honey mixture is a great alternative for prescription antibiotics. In addition to being an all natural substance, you may also be saving money by trying this home remedy as a substitute. If you are taking any medications, or have severe health problems, consult your doctor before trying this alternative method as it may have adverse affects on some individuals.

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5 Natural Ways to Slow Down The Aging Process

5 Natural Ways to Slow Down The Aging Process

-Eat a well-balanced diet
-consume good fatty acids: salmon, avocado.
-drink lots of water
-consume plenty antioxidants: Vitamin A and C: carrots, squash, spinach and collard greens, citrus foods.
-Eat foods high in protein: fish, turkey, egg whites or tofu.


Skin starts to lose moisture, thin, and grow loose. It looks affected by sun, bad habits and other conditions. There are some natural skin care products that are made with no pesticides or hormones and they are full of anti oxidants that help your body remove all impurities, so your skin looks younger and healthier.

-Pomegranate seed oil: moisturizes the skin and also reduces inflammation of it and the appearance of fine wrinkles

-Exfoliate: this helps keep your skin looking young by dead skin cells and pushing newer ones to form


-Lavender: it is a natural relaxant, helps keep cortisol levels stable.
-Lemon juice or buttermilk: by applying pure lemon juice or buttermilk on age spots twice a day will help them lighten up.
-Green tea: loaded of polyphenols good for your skin.

5 Natural Ways to Slow Down The Aging Process


Sun damage will cause wrinkles, sun spots, and skin dehydration use the following to prevent this damage:
-Apply a mineral sunblock with a high SPF daily it is the number one preventative against aging.
-Wear hats and stay in the shade if you are overexposed to the sun avoid bad sun hours: 10a.m-3p.m and also tanning beds.


-Quit Smoking: this habit reduces the flow of blood to the skin. giving it a dull, discoloration, appearance to your skin it makes wrinkles show more especially around the mouth and eyes, and most important smoking makes your skin lose elasticity and tone
-Limit Alcohol: it makes your body dehydrated therefore your skin as well, it reduces the amount of nutrients that your skin absorbs and makes it look damaged and dry.

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