Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation By: Andres Carvajal Edited By: Stephanie Dawson Each method is unique, however the Jacobson Progressive Relaxation is one of the most used relaxation techniques in psychotherapy and health use. This method shows the link between mind and body, proving that the muscles have an influence in the intensity of any reflex behavior, […]

10 Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain

Are you limiting your workouts to the weekends? Then you’ve probably learned that infrequent physical exertion often has its revenge the following day in the form of sore, stiff muscles. Achy muscles are a harmless but unpleasant phenomenon that usually disappears by itself after a few days, and is best alleviated through heat applications; If […]

7 Healing Herbal Teas

7 Healing Herbal Teas For centuries, people have relied upon natural remedies, such as healing herbal teas. Many people still turn to such remedies for minor issues. They can be safe, effective and require no prescription. Many modern medicines actually originated from natural sources, but were turned into a synthetic product. However, the natural source […]