Love that Lasts: Six Habits of the Happiest Couples

In the world of romantic relationships, happiness isn’t just a stroke of luck; it’s the result of intentional actions and shared values. Super-happy couples understand this and consistently practice habits that contribute to their joy. Whether you’re embarking on a new relationship or seeking to enhance an existing one, these six daily habits, practiced by […]

When Love Isn’t Mutual: The Emotional Stages You’ll Experience

Love, with its exhilarating highs and devastating lows, is an emotional journey that can take us to places we never thought we’d go. Sometimes, though, we find ourselves on a path where our feelings are unreciprocated, and the one we desire just isn’t into us. This can lead to a rollercoaster of emotions, taking us […]

Navigating Love’s Phases: What is Puppy Love?

In the intricate realm of romantic relationships, understanding the distinctions between puppy love and mature love is a crucial step toward navigating with wisdom and maturity. Puppy love often marks the initial stage, characterized by infatuation triggered by physical attractiveness. It is akin to the sensation of “love at first sight,” where everything feels exhilarating, […]

Love or Illusion, Charm vs. Commitment: Identifying Players in the Dating Arena

Embarking on the dating journey can resemble navigating a labyrinth, full of twists and turns. As you step into a new relationship, understanding your partner’s intentions becomes crucial. Are they committed, or are they playing games? Recognizing the signs of a player empowers you to make wise choices, protecting your heart and emotions. Let’s explore […]

Mature Dating Mindset: The Path to Meaningful Connections in Modern Dating

Navigating the intricacies of modern dating may seem challenging, but displaying maturity and respect is essential, regardless of the platform or mode of communication. It’s time to bid farewell to these immature dating habits and embark on relationships with the consideration they merit: 1. Timely and Direct Communication The days of post-date waiting games are […]

8 Delicate Questions That Enhance Relationship Trust

In any relationship, understanding and communication are vital. As you progress through various stages, you may find yourself wanting to delve deeper into your partner’s thoughts and experiences. While certain questions might feel uncomfortable to ask, open communication can strengthen your bond. Here are some inquiries that may be on your mind: 1. Have You […]

Male Insecurities Unveiled: What Men Worry About, but Women Don’t Notice

It’s a common misconception that only women fret about their physical attributes when interacting with the opposite gender. In reality, men also grapple with their own insecurities, even though women often overlook these perceived flaws. Here are five common concerns that men may have, but that women typically don’t pay as much attention to: 1. […]

Unleash Relationship Bliss: 6 Mistakes to Dodge Every Day!

When we’re young and envision our future relationships, we often dream of a romantic and happy partnership with our future significant other. In the early days of marriage or commitment, everything might seem smooth sailing, but as time goes on, reality can sometimes contradict our dreams. Let’s not point fingers at one gender or the […]

Unlock His Heart! Discover What Men Really Crave in a Relationship

While discussions about relationships often focus on women’s needs, it’s important to acknowledge what men require emotionally from their partners. Men can be hesitant to express their emotional needs, often choosing to suffer in silence. However, as a caring partner, you undoubtedly want to know what your man truly needs in your relationship. Here are […]

Can Your Marriage Survive The Coronavirus?

Can Your Marriage Survive The Coronavirus?

Besides the front-line – the coronavirus-related health worries, there are a few more concerns, especially those regarding the mental part of this struggle. We all go through the quarantine period. Some of us remained closed in houses with their spouses for the first time. Even within the happiest and most stable marriages, COVID-19 will provide […]

Fancy Date Ideas for Your Posh Valentine’s Day

Fancy Date Ideas for Your Posh Valentine's Day

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re single or coupled, everyone is about to be troubled on Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, as long as you’re single, all you have to do is grumble. As soon as you get yourself an amazing S.O., organizing Valentine’s Day becomes a real challenge. Don’t worry though! This time you […]

Ask a Sex Therapist: Why Is It So Hard to Make Eye Contact During Sex?

Ask a Sex Therapist: Why Is It So Hard to Make Eye Contact During Sex?

Gazing into your partner’s eyes while making love adds intimacy. Still, for some people, it can cause anxiety. According to sex therapist Vanessa Marin “most people” find it difficult to make eye contact during sex, even for just “a few seconds.”  She confirms that eye contact during sex is “one of the most vulnerable things” you […]

I’m an Actual 40-Year-Old Virgin. Here’s What That’s Like

I’m an Actual 40-Year-Old Virgin. Here’s What That’s Like

When people find out that I am a 40 year old virgin, they usually can’t contain all of their questions that burst forth. One of the biggest ones I am asked is what my life is like without physical romance in it. I like to joke that you could ask the same question of a […]

I Was the Other Woman—but I Still Feel Sorrier for Myself Than for Her

I Was the Other Woman—but I Still Feel Sorrier for Myself Than for Her

I was the other woman. I met Noah* at a popular club one night as I was winding down from a stressful week of college. From the very moment our eyes locked across the room, a chemical attraction came over me. Dark and soulful, his gaze woke something up in me that I didn’t know […]

5 Reasons Why Your Long-Term Relationship Needs Some Distance


Being in a long term relationship poses its fair share of challenges, and distance is one of the biggest obstacles many couples will face together. The longer you’ve been together, the more natural it seems that you follow one another. If one person is going on vacation, it only makes sense that the other is […]

How Secrets Can Destroy a Relationship

How Secrets Can Destroy a Relationship.

Entering into a new relationship can be rather scary for many people. Opening up your heart and home to someone based primarily upon what they have told about themselves is a major step to building trust and living a happy life together. But what happens when you wake up one morning to find that the […]

How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship

How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship

If your partner is abusing you, it can be quite challenging to leave. However, the relief you feel when you are no longer being hurt, manipulated, or controlled is worth it. Follow these steps to get out of an abusive relationship. Decide to Leave Just deciding to leave an abuser is one of the hardest parts of […]