How to Improve your Memory Naturally

How to Improve your Memory Naturally

How to Improve your Memory Naturally
By: Andres Carvajal
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson
[Last Updated on March 1st 2014]

There are several techniques to improve your memory for that important test or presentation. The techniques offered here won’t require a huge effort or any outlay of money. Brain gym websites, such as Lumosity are popular currently, they present activities and games to increase cognitive and executive functions such as short term and long term memory, working memory, attention, and speed memory. Anything that keeps your mind active is positive, but not everyone can afford a financial outlay or large time commitment, this is geared towards them.

• Write about your problems– If you have emotional problems, creative writing can help you discover yourself. You can dive deep into a monologue that should make you aware of subtle emotional situations. Keeping a diary, a log, or basic notes about your life, your traumas, special moments, and good days will make improve your sense of self and control of your life. Creative writing is effective for integrating good and bad experiences into the self, not just avoiding hurtful ones. If the problem you have is a mathematical, logical, or analytic problem write it in different ways for different approaches. If you want to memorize a poem don’t hesitate to write it 100 times.

write about your problems

• Keep it green– There are positive effects to a natural environment. Nature effects memory recall in a positive way, in some studies people who walked in a park were able to remember more things that their counterparts that walked in a city. The causes are unknown, however for many this might be cheap and simple option. How about reading in a park? Or taking a walk in a park after studying for that exam? The effects of green grass, pure air, and interaction of cues in the environment will improve your brain function.

walking in park

• Say it out loud– This is one of the easiest ways to memorize anything, just say it. Studies found that this can increase declarative memory up to 10%, even if you speak out in a low tone.

Improve your Memory Naturally

• Meditate– The wonders of meditation are rampant for body and soul. Specifically, meditation improves cognitive functions such as memory and attention and will up your energy and mood levels. It takes concentration and consistency, should be done at least once a day for 10 – 20 minutes for a few weeks to see results. Its better to learn meditation techniques from someone trained in spiritual pathways.

meditation for memory

• Summarize and be truthful– Each time you are trying to understand a concept and are afraid that can’t memorize it, ask yourself “What did I understand from this?” Try to say it in your own words even if its slang without changing the core issue. Identify the primary and secondary ideas and make cross-references between lecture and your own experiences. Try to relate what you hear with something similar you have seen.


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9 Ways to Improve your Memory Naturally

9 Ways to Improve your Memory Naturally

9 Ways to Improve your Memory Naturally
By Positivemed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Often people find they forget the what they read or where they put things. Here are some ideas for you to practice and naturally improve your memory.


Make a Fist

If you are facing problems recalling things at work get a stress ball. Clenching your fist, if done in correctly, can improve your memory skills. Those who are right-handed should make a fist of their right hand before they try to recall a piece of information. Hold that position for about 45 seconds. The process is reversed for those who are left-handed.

Crossword Puzzles

Solving crossword puzzles on a daily basis will help keep your mind fresh and sharp. This helps avoid memory loss and brain disease. You can choose a level to suit you, work on them while travelling or in your leisure time. Playing chess can also improve your IQ level.

Writing it Down

Write down things you need to remember like passwords, phone numbers, etc. Writing increases the modality and improves your memory. You can also keep a journal.

Sleep Well

You need proper sleep to keep your mind healthy. Sleep plays an important role in maintaining your memory. Sleeping will reorganize your memories and fight stress which increases your energy level.

9 ways to improve your memory naturally


Meditation plays a very important role in keeping you fit. It increases memory level and concentration power and secretes feel good hormones which help relax your body and give you peace of mind. Spend 10-15 minutes meditating daily.

Eat Healthy

Keeping a healthy lifestyle improves the functioning of your mind and helps you increase memory. Eating seasonal fruits and dry fruits help improve memory. Almonds are well known for their memory increasing abilities. Chewing gum also helps improve memory.


Visualizing is one of most effective ways to remember something. By developing a detailed visual image of information that is important to you, you can more easily recall that information.

memory loss

Smell, touch, taste, hear, and see it

Involving all your senses while you encode memory can make your memory stronger. That’s why you can recall the smell of mom’s cookies as if she made them just now. By shaking hands and looking in the eyes of people you meet you can more easily remember their name. `

Take Time to Laugh

Laughing is considered the best therapy for overall growth. When you laugh it triggers certain areas in your brain to secrete endorphins which make you more positive and intellectual throughout your day. It is well known for relieving stress and helping you improve your memory. Start laughing more often and increase your memory power.