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Conceiving Twins Naturally: A How-To Guide

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Conceiving Twins Naturally: A How-To Guide

Conceiving Twins Naturally: A How-To Guide

When preparing to conceive a child, many parents to be daydream about having twins. An adorable nursery with matching cribs, perfect pictures of newborns and the special bond between twin children are all enticing. Despite that, a couple’s strong hope for twins might not be enough to drive them to expensive and invasive procedures like in-vitro fertilization or medication designed to stimulate ovulation. Research and anecdotal evidence have proven that some women naturally have a higher chance of conceiving twins than others – however, this doesn’t mean that those who don’t fit the bill are out of luck. Read on to discover what makes a woman naturally predisposed to twins and how twin pregnancy can be encouraged naturally.

What Predisposes Women To Twin Pregnancies?

There are a number of biological factors what can predispose a woman to become pregnant with twins. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

  • A familial history of twin conception, particularly in the maternal bloodline. In a twist of fate, some women may be less fond of if you already have a set of twins, your chances of becoming pregnant with another set of twins is four times higher.
  • Studies have proven that people with an African bloodline are the most likely to produce twins. In some parts of the world, this may have to do with the consumption of a particular type of yam which increases fertility – more on that later.
  • Heavier and taller women are more likely to become pregnant with twins. Doctors aren’t sure why this is the case other than a larger frame causing a woman to be naturally more able to sustain a healthy twin pregnancy in some cases.
  • Previous pregnancies can strongly increase a predisposition to twin pregnancy. This could be considered a matter of odds since those dice are rolled every time a woman becomes pregnant, but when a woman has been biologically able to carry several healthy pregnancies, she may next have twins.
  • Age can be a factor in twin pregnancy. Older women ovulate irregularly compared to younger women. Sometimes, two eggs are released during the anovulatory cycle, which is then fertilized by two sperm, leading to fraternal twins. Women who become pregnant around the age of 40 have an elevated 7% chance of twin conception, and that chance more than doubles by age 45.

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Natural Ways to Achieve Twin Conception

It goes without saying that these natural factors of predisposition are not the only situations in which women conceive twins. Even if you’re short, young and a first-time mom, there’s still a chance for you to hit the jackpot and come away with two sweet babies. Let’s take a closer look at some ways you can naturally boost your chances of a healthy twin pregnancy.

  • Avoid nutritional deficiencies. People who are malnourished or very thin are unlikely to conceive twins or sustain a healthy twin pregnancy, as the biological likelihood of healthily carrying such a pregnancy to term would be minimal. Start taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid in the months before you attempt conception as well as after conception is achieved. Don’t be afraid to gain five or ten points if it means eating normally and nutritiously. A doctor can advise you on safe limits for weight gain.
  • Studies have shown that women who consume dairy products regularly – milk, butter, cream, cheese and related products – quintuple their chances of conceiving twins. A naturally occurring hormone produced in the liver of dairy cows is believed to be responsible for this, but the use of rBGH hormones commonly used to increase milk production in cows may also be related to the increased conception rates.
  • As mentioned previously, yams are considered to stimulate the production of an ovum in women. Scientists consider the reason for an increase in twin births in some African populations to be the amount of wild yams consumed by the tribes, with the Central African country of Benin boasting the highest twin birth rate in the world at four times the worldwide average. While there isn’t yet hard data to prove the correlation, the anecdotal evidence for the benefit of yam consumption is high and the sweet tubers are packed with valuable nutrients that are great for conception and pregnancy.
  • Attempt to conceive within a few months of stopping oral contraceptives, but not immediately afterward. Because the ovulation restricting drugs are so powerful, the ovaries may respond to a flood of formerly restricted hormones by releasing two eggs while ovulating. Combining this attempt with other factors listed may lead to greater success.

Happy and Healthy Twin Pregnancy

Conceiving twins naturally provide a unique excitement to couples and their families as they prepare to welcome two new lives. To ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy, women who have conceived twins should maintain a healthy diet, avoid strenuous and stressful activity and see their doctor regularly to have their pregnancy monitored. With any luck, in 9 short months, they will be welcoming their beautiful twins into the world.

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