Do Men Really Stay Away From the Topic of Marriage?

Do Men Really Stay Away From the Topic of Marriage?

The question on the Steve Harvey video was, why do men avoid the topic of marriage? One woman complained her boyfriend clammed up if she even mentioned a ring. And asking about a wedding date went nowhere.

Reason Why Men Shun Marriage

Some experts have addressed this issue. Author Helen Smith listed reasons men are marriage-shy; they’ll lose their friends, lose their privacy, and risk an expensive divorce. She also says married men are not respected. Smith writes, “In today’s culture, father never knows best.”

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In USA Today, Karen S. Peterson says many men avoid the topic because they’re comfortable living with their partners. She cites the Rutgers National Marriage Project, which mentioned the fear of expensive divorce. But the main reason men shun marriage is they’re happy the way things are.

But I feel most men are good with marriage; it’s the wedding they don’t like. Weddings are too much trouble. Digital Life writes his fiancee took 4 days to pick a dress, and he chose a tux in five minutes. He also points out men feel left out of the process. Men aren’t interested in ceremonies; they’re looking forward to life with that special person. They’re thinking long term.