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How to Know It’s Real Love

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How to Know It's Real Love

How to Know It’s Real Love

The Word love is on the tip of the tongue when some couples start a relationship, for real love a series of conditions must be met. This article shows how to differentiate real love, false love, and infatuation. Love is an act of will, it requires two imperfect people that will dedicate to each other despite imperfections. True love is not superficial, it can recognize and acknowledge the limitations of others, aimed at building trust and dedication to special times.

There are five actions love takes- 1. Positive and reciprocal affirmations 2. Spending time together 3. Gifts, physical contact, and acts of interest 4. Trust and confidence 5. Fidelity and exclusivity

False love:

An individualistic search for your own satisfaction. Its something you search for and do for your own benefit.

Often based on love-making pleasure, more than giving love.

The search for pleasure can become a chain that weighs a lot and can make someone a slave. In the end love-making doesn’t produce complete satisfaction and must be replaced by stronger emotions.

You become an object for the other person, !nt1macy is synonymous with !nterc0urse.

You only live for the moment, don’t want to think about the future, you are unable to assume higher goals or family values.

Any physical relationship without compromise is necessarily temporary, it implies that you’re looking for someone better in the meantime.

How to Know It's Real Love


Falling in love has nothing to do with love in the sense that falling in love is often a step towards love, not love itself.

We often fall in love with what people represent for us, or to satisfy our desires for company, intense emotions, or protection at any given time. Falling in love could be interpreted as an expression or projection of our own narcissism.

Often the more self-centered, immature, or dissatisfied a person is, the more amorous, more intense, and their romances are usually brief. This is the definitive sign, jumping from one relationship to another. Passion being basically a drug to prevent mature and responsible relationships and, ultimately, a way to escape from their problems.

Once infatuation ends, love can begin. You can be deeply in love with someone, once this idealization passes away what you thought was love will pass away, its not a guarantee of the strength of a relationship. In the end, the quality and length of the relationship depends on the affinity, emotional compatibility, and psychological maturation of each person.

Real love

This is a patient love, giving tranquility and peace. This kind of love knows when and how to wait and enjoys building a life and ideals together.

Doesn’t stay in sensations, it looks for truth behind them and deeper meanings.

Accompanied with maturation and learning, following the natural path of love.

It assumes freedom to differentiate between what is good for you and for the couple.

Doesn’t believe in drastic decisions without thinking about consequences. It enhances self-control and self-esteem, always looking toward the well-being of the couple.

Based on communication, knowledge, and mutual acceptance, it tends to fidelity and exclusivity.

By Andre Carvajal
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

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