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Keep Herpes under Control Naturally

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Keep Herpes under Control Naturally

Keep Herpes under Control Naturally
Edited by: Stephanie Dawson

Herpes can awaken at any time, once it’s in your system it remains there, hibernating in nerve cells until something like stress, fatigue, sun exposure, or another trigger, rouses it.

Scientists have discovered that certain foods are among those triggers, while a few others help to keep it dormant like the following:

• Dairy foods, fish, and other foods high in lysine

Foods that contain an amino acid called arginine seem to feed the herpes virus. But adding foods that contain another amino acid, lysine, to your diet can help by blocking the action of arginine. Keeping a high ratio of lysine to arginine in your system may help keep herpes under control.

• Garlic

Because its full of antioxidants, especially immunity-boosting selenium, and has antiviral power, garlic is an herb you’ll want to eat liberally to boost your defenses against ailments like the common cold that can wear you down and make you more vulnerable to herpes outbreak.

Keep Herpes under Control Naturally

• Plain yogurt with active cultures

This type of yogurt is full of beneficial bacteria that helps keep the body strong by keeping the population of bad bacteria in check, and boosts immune cell activity, keeping your body healthy, making it less vulnerable to outbreaks.

• Licorice

Purchase real licorice from a health food store, cut it into very thin slices and place them directly on herpes sores for 10 minutes. The licorice will diminish the pain and help speed healing, thanks to an antiviral compound in it, called glycyrrhizinc acid.


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