15 Questions Your Man Wouldn’t Ask You But He REALLY Wants To

15 Questions Your Man Wouldn't Ask You But He REALLY Wants To

15 Questions Your Man Wouldn’t Ask You But He REALLY Wants To

Men may be from mars, but they definitely have as many hang-ups as women. Find out all the questions your guy wants to ask but is just to chicken to say out loud.

1. Why do you talk about our personal life with your friends?
Your guy doesn’t talk about the ins and outs of your relationship with his friends, so why do you share personal information with your friends? Guys don’t think like girls; they generally don’t dwell on emotions, so they don’t understand the need for girls to analyze every detail of a relationship.

2. What’s up with all the shoes?
Your guy probably has three pairs of shoes: Dress shoes, casual shoes and athletic shoes. So what’s up with your 50 pairs of heels that all look the same? Guys are dying to understand the obsession with shoes, but they are too afraid they’ll get a 50-minute lecture.

3. Why are you so obsessed with bad boys?
If your guy shows up late for dinner, you tear him a new one. Why did you let your ex-get away with it? Why was he the one who got away? Your guy definitely wants to know the obsession with the bad boy, but he doesn’t want to hear all the personal details.

4. What’s up with the tween love triangles?
Why do you want a bad boy and a good guy fighting over you? If your guy was watching a movie where to hot girls fought over a comic book geek, you’d think it was dumb, right?

5. Why do you act differently in public than you do in private?
If someone calls you out on something in public, you brush it off with a laugh. When your guy calls you out in the exact same way, you blow up. What’s the difference?