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If You Have Aches And Pains You Can’t Explain – THIS Could Be The Reason

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If You Have Aches And Pains You Can’t Explain – THIS Could Be The Reason

If You Have Aches And Pains You Can’t Explain – THIS Could Be The Reason

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Have you ever gotten the feeling that events in your life have all happened to you once before? Have you ever walked down an unfamiliar street – only to feel that you’ve walked down that street many times before? Many people with these experiences are actually experiencing a past life. They believe that when we die, we reincarnate into a new life that helps our souls learn new and exciting lessons. Find out if you’ve experienced a past life through one of these methods.

If You Have Aches And Pains You Can't Explain - THIS Could Be The Reason

1. Recurring Dreams or Nightmares
Many people who have lived past lives have recurring dreams and nightmares. While dreams can simply be your mind’s way of processing daily information, recurring dreams can be evidence of a past life. If you constantly have dreams that you’re hit by a train, you might have actually been hit by a train in a past life. These dreams can be extremely emotionally driven experiences that have followed you from one life to the next. They can also be important lessons. If you weren’t able to overcome your inability to communicate effectively in a past life, you could have dreams where you are unable to speak or convey emotions.

2. Constant Déjà Vu
Déjà vu can also be a sign of a past life. If you “feel” like you’ve experienced an event before, you might have experienced something like this in a past life. Perhaps you’re walking down the street and you see a red car driving down the street toward you. The driver of the car doesn’t see you on the street and swerves at the last minute to avoid hitting you. You can’t shake the feeling that this has all happened before. Have you ever heard the saying that history repeats itself? Time is cyclical, so events that have happened in the past can repeat themselves throughout every life. Your déjà vu is simply remembering a similar event of a past life.

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3. Memories that Aren’t Yours
In an article on Oprah.com, writer Amy Weiss talks about a past-life experience that took her to Japan in the 19th Century. She remembered being an elderly Japanese man who was extremely happy without all the possessions Weiss enjoyed in the present. The ability to remember this life was a reminder that she didn’t need to be dissatisfied because she couldn’t afford the new iPhone or a new car. Simply being alive was joyous enough for her.

Past Life

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4. Ability to Predict the Future
Remember how history repeats itself? When you live each of your lives, you experience similar circumstances. Your soul seeks out similar situations and people in each life. In our present lives, we often seek out people who are similar to our parents – even if our parents weren’t kind to us. It makes sense that our souls would also seek out similar situations. People who have lived past lives are more likely to be able to predict the future because they have lived all of this before and they will live it all again.

5. Innate Phobias
Have you had a fear of spiders as long as you could remember? Do your parents tell you that you were afraid of the dark or small spaces ever since you were a baby? People who have lived past lives tend to take their emotionally charged baggage with them from life to life. If you are terrified of dark and confined spaces, you might have been locked in a closet as a child in another life. You might also have been trapped in a well or a cave. Past life regression can help you learn why you have these fears; once you know why you are afraid of the dark, your fears might simply subside.

6. Recognition of Strangers
If you recognized complete strangers on the street have experienced “love at first site,” you might have known that person in another life. Author Annemiek Douw experienced love at first sight and realized that someone she knew she loved right from the start was from a past life. We not only bring the bad from past lives, but we can bring the good from past lives too.

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7. You Feel Older
Some people simply feel as though they were born old. They call this 13 going on 30. If you feel older than your age suggests, you might be an old soul. This is when you’ve lived so many past lives that you are able to deal with current suffering much easier than others because you’ve experienced it all before.

8. Your Mind is from Another Era
If you’ve ever experienced the desire to travel to the 1920s to hang out in speakeasies, you might have actually lived in this era. People who yearn for other times tend to want to revisit those days just as elderly people want to relive their glory days too.


9. Phantom Pains
If you’ve ever had aches and pains you can’t explain, you could remember an old wound from a past life. Many people who were shot in the chest or head have terrible pains in these areas of the body. As long as your doctor can’t find a current medical reason for the pain, you could experience a past trauma.

Past life regression can help you remember the parts of your past lives that were so important you’ve carried them into this life. Understanding why you still experience old fears can be a huge part of letting them go. You can even carry these lessons into your current life to see exactly where your soul needs the most attention.


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