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6 Revealing Things Your Handshake Says About Your Personality

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6 Revealing Things Your Handshake Says About Your Personality

6 Revealing Things Your Handshake Says About Your Personality

When meeting a person for the first time, you may not realize the power conveyed in a simple handshake, but there is a lot of things your handshake says about your Personality. It only takes a few moments to smile, look someone in the eyes and shakes a person’s hand. Within seconds, an entire plethora of personality traits emerges from your inner being.

6 Revealing Things Your Handshake Says About Your Personality

Pay attention to the following guidelines if you want to convey the best handshake:

1. Do not grasp the other person’s fingers or knuckles.

A handshake depicting best friends is only appropriate for people you see on a regular basis. For a job interview or meeting with a business colleague, grasping the other person’s hands in a friendly manner may cause the person to go into a state of emotional shock. If you do not want to give a wrong impression, avoid the overly friendly handshake.

2. Do not crack the other person’s knuckles or fingers

in an attempt to make a favorable impression. Instead, try a gentle, firm handshake.

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3. Avoid a lazy handshake.

Instead of grasping a person’s fingertips, take hold of the entire hand. Demonstrate positive energy with your confident handshake.

4. Never shake hands in a hurry.

If you shake a person’s hand too fast, the individual is liable to view you as someone who does not have any manners. You may have a kind heart, but a rude handshake prevents another person from seeing your inherent goodness.

5. On the other hand, do not shake a person’s hand for more than a couple of seconds.

Otherwise, you run the risk of giving an unfriendly impression.

6. Always look directly into the eyes of the person while you are shaking hands.

If you look down at the ground, you are not going to make a worthwhile impression.

So, if you want to create the best effect upon meeting a person for the first time, stand tall, look into the person’s eyes, shake the individual’s hand with your right hand, do not hold the hand for more than two seconds and repeat the person’s name in a clear and enthusiastic tone.

Remember to shake hands firmly without any limpness. Do not crush bones in your attempt to show your positive nature. In addition, never underestimate the value of your winning smile. Show confidence and poise by developing a perfect handshake free from bone-crushing fervor yet gentle enough to impress.

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