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5 Special Characteristics Of Mentally Resilient Women

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5 Special Characteristics Of Mentally Resilient Women

5 Special Characteristics Of Mentally Resilient Women

Hey Girl, want to be strong, resilient, and tough? We all do! Here are some questions to ask yourself to see how you rate in this category. “Yes” answers are good. Come on now, be honest!

• Do you tell yourself the truth?
• Have you learned to accept the things you can’t change?
• Do you deny being a victim?
• Do you live in this moment?
• Are you committed to being responsible for your own happiness and your own feelings?

5 Special Characteristics Of Mentally Resilient Women

The Truth
Many of us, myself included, have used denial as a way of coping with bad marriages, bad jobs, and bad lives. To change is often to struggle. Sometimes adversity causes confusion and wavering emotion. No good thing can happen until we change our minds and tell ourselves the abject truth. Only then can we see the changes we need to make and then proceed to make them.

Accept the Things You Can’t Change
Unfortunately we cannot change other people, places or things. The only thing we can change is ourselves. This requires a great deal of acceptance. Remember to accept is not to agree. My friend may suffer from addiction. I can accept that but not agree with it. When I accept it, I realize what behaviors I might need to change in order stay balanced in the relationship. I sometimes disagree vehemently with certain things at work. They are usually way out of my wheelhouse and beyond my intervention. I accept the conditions as being the way they are which frees me to make choices about where I am and what I am doing.

No Victims
It seems safe to blame my problems on others and to never take responsibility for what goes on in my life. Even if someone victimizes me, I don’t have to be a victim. I choose to look for my part in any unhappiness and change what I can about that.

The Now
Right here, right now everything is great. No monsters from the past or future can come to get me here in this moment. I find it exhausting to bemoan the past or fear the future. Staying in the moment helps me to be resilient.

I always thought other people caused my feelings and therefore were responsible for my happiness. Not so. I can choose how to feel about a situation by looking at it differently, by changing the glasses I wear to see the situation. I can be happy through anything.

These are serious decisions you have to make. Once these decisions are made you have to act on it, practice it and incorporate it in your daily life. It is this journey that leads women to be strong, resilient and irrepressible.

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