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Never Rip Your Tights Again With This Easy Hack

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Never Rip Your Tights Again With This Easy Hack

Never Rip Your Tights Again With This Easy Hack

Clothes aren’t cheap! You want to do all you can to make your wardrobe last. This is especially true for tights. We all know that tights are prone to unsightly rips and tears. However, there is an easy trick you can employ to protect your tights. Interestingly, this trick is linked to the seasons. Most ladies break out their tights when the weather gets colder. To make your tights last longer and not rip, make your sure your tights are nice and cold. How cold? We’re talking freezing temperatures.


The trick is simple. Anytime you purchase a new pair of tights, run them under water first. Wring the tights out gently. Next, place them inside a plastic bag and pop it in the freezer overnight. Let the tights thaw out and hang over a bathtub to dry the next day. Make sure you let the air do this part of the job. Don’t put them in the dryer! Your tights will be stronger and less likely to rip the next time you wear them. Your tights will last longer, and you will be able to avoid those embarrassing situations of having a tear appear in your tights in the middle of the day.

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So what exactly is going on with this trick? It turns out that allowing your tights to freeze and thaw strengthens the fibers. The additional strength keeps the runs from starting in the tights long before they get out of hand. Perhaps the best part of this trick is that it only needs to be done once. Just make it a habit to wet, freeze, thaw, and dry each new pair of tights you buy. Once you get in this habit, your tights will always be durable.

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You can also make your tights last even longer by making a few changes in the types of tights that you purchase. Opt for a pair of tights slightly larger. Also, skip on cheap tights found at drug stores. It’s worth it to spend just a little bit more for the higher quality. If you combine these tips with the freezer trick, your tights will be sure to last for as long as they are in style. That adds up to money saved and a reduction of fashion emergencies.

What do you think? Let us know if you’ve tried this easy trick. Until then, may your tights never tear or run!

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