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See How This Woman Heals Her STAGE 4 Terminal Cancer with Dieting

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See How This Woman Heals Her STAGE 4 Terminal Cancer with Dieting

Cancer is a complex disease that plagues millions of people each year. No cure has been found; however, in specific cases, nutritional and alternative approaches have yielded life-saving results. These videos show the important role that nutrition and your immune system play in staying healthy.

See How Woman Heals Her STAGE 4 Terminal Cancer with Diet

A Miraculous Reversal
Janet Vitt, a traditionally educated RN, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. According to the team of medical personnel who diagnosed her, there was “no hope” medically for her to survive. With the help of friends, family, faith and a new diet regimen, she successfully decimated all of her tumors 10 months into her cancer journey. According to her physician, most likely her immune system healed her from the inside out. How did her immune system accomplish this?

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According to Janet, strict adherence to her macrobiotic diet made the difference. Macrobiotic is a word that means long life and proponents of this mainly vegetarian diet maintain that the more strictly one adheres to this diet, the more amazing the results. In the strictest form it excludes dairy and meat products and focuses on eating organic vegetables and whole grains. All caffeine and other chemical agents are prohibited and replaced with healing teas and many seaweed products.

More Information on the Macrobiotic Diet
There are practitioners outside of the traditional health and medicine realm who teach more about this diet and lifestyle. There are a few considerations that may help in the transition to this diet. There may be a little sticker shock initially because buying organic and macrobiotic ingredients are often more expensive than standard grocery items. Also, chewing your food until it is completely masticated is recommended for easier digestion. In addition, other supplements and minerals may need to be added when adopting this diet since whole food groups are excluded.

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More Vegetables, Please
There is a growing body of research suggesting that a vegetarian diet is a great diet for it’s anti-cancer properties. In areas of rural China where the population thrives on a diet of primarily rice and vegetables, there is a very low incidence of cancer. Diets high in meat protein have seen much larger incidence of cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that you pile your plate full of plant based foods to consume as many cancer protective compounds as possible. Vegetables, fruit, and whole grain products are impactful components of the vegetarian diet. Also, exercise and a healthy body weight are recommended for further protection from cancer.

There are many approaches to cancer treatment. When considering which path to take, don’t forget the natural strategies to boost the immune system and possibly heal you from within.

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