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Which Type Of Butt Workout Is More Effective For Your Particular Butt Type

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Which Type Of Butt Workout Is More Effective For Your Particular Butt Type

Which Type Of Butt Workout Is More Effective For Your Particular Butt Type

Many people put a lot of effort into their butt workout, believing that squats and lunges are the go-to exercises to target their gluteal muscles. Before you put in the blood, sweat, and tears, it’s important to know which exercise method is the best to target your type of butt. Studies show that different butt types can benefit from a more individualized workout plan. Here is a list of different butt types paired with the perfect workout move to improve each one:

Best Workout for butt

Square: A square butt is missing those gorgeous curves. To get these, try “Glute Kickbacks.” Get on all fours, with your hands beneath your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. Lift your leg up until your thigh is aligned with your torso, keeping your knee bent the whole time. Lower your knee back down to the floor, and immediately repeat. Do twelve repetitions on each side before moving to the other leg. Repeat this three times with a brief rest in between each set.

For Square butt

V shaped butt: This is a butt that is full at the top and sides but smaller underneath near the thigh. To help round out this shape, it is important to make sure that an exercise works the entire butt muscle. One of the best ways to do this is using the “Step Up” method. Find something sturdy that you can stand on; this could be a stair or a low bench. Step up onto the object, leading with your right leg. Then step back onto the ground, leading still with your right leg. Step up onto the object ten times, leading with the same leg, and then repeat this exercise, leading with the left. If you can, continue switching legs until you have done thirty steps on each side.

V-shape butt

Round: With a rounded butt, the best exercise to use is the “Stability Ball Curl.” This exercise requires a large inflated exercise ball. Lay on the ground, with your feet resting on the ball. Pressing your heels into the ball, lift your body off the ground into a straight bridge. Squeeze your gluteal and hamstring muscles tightly, pulling the ball towards you. Hold this position for five seconds, and then roll the ball back out until you are in the bridge position. Repeat this for three sets of twelve reps. When this becomes too easy, you can challenge yourself by doing the exercise with one leg at a time.

Round Butt

Heart: Having a heart shaped butt means that side lunges are going to be the ideal move for you. If you haven’t done this move before, stand with your left leg beneath you in the normal squat position, and extend the right leg out to the side as far as you can. As you extend your leg, squat with your left leg until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Then stand back up slowly. Repeat twelve times on each leg, for three sets of twelve. If you need a challenge, hold weight in your hands throughout the exercise.

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Heart butt

Flat: Concerned about not having much of anything back there? There’s a move for that too! “Power Booty Pushes” can increase the gluteal muscles, expanding the size of your posterior in a toned manner. Stand up on your left leg, with your right leg out to the side, heel off the ground. Bend over and touch your right hand to the ground, with your left arm raised behind you, pointed toward the ceiling. Spring up, using both your legs, and as you land, crouch with your left leg off to the side and your right leg straight under you. Continue jumping up and landing in alternate crouch positions for a whole minute. Try to do this three times, one minute each, with thirty seconds of rest in between sets.


Droopy: A droopy butt probably has weak butt muscles. To keep your butt from sagging, try the “Sumo Squat” move. It’s a spin on the regular squat, designed to work hard to reach muscles that will assist in lifting your rear end higher. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, and point your toes outward. Lift one of your legs up to your hip while making a circular kicking motion. As you lower your foot, place it slightly to the side of the beginning position, squatting until your thighs become parallel to the floor. Repeat this exercise with the alternate leg. The goal is to work up to doing three sets of twelve reps on each side.

Droopy butt

If you’ve gotten bored of squats and lunges, hopefully you’ve found some more interesting and challenging butt exercises to use, especially focusing on the one that targets your particular type. Every person is unique, and every body part is unique, so remember to personalize your workout to get the best results. Now you’re on the way to obtaining a stunning derriere!

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