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How to Avoid Wasting Your Time on the Wrong Men

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How to Avoid Wasting Your Time on the Wrong Men

Every woman is the sum total of her life experiences. As such, she may unwittingly waste her time with the wrong guys if her life experiences have not provided her with wisdom and a consciousness of her basic needs. The most positive effort to avoid wasting time with the wrong guys is to “Know thyself.” This sometimes takes a combination of relationship advice, relationship counseling and, for some women, relationship therapy.

How to Avoid Wasting Your Time on the Wrong Men

The Woman and the Well
Each woman is like a deep well. Like a well, she can be overflowing with pure spring water or, if her life experiences have been negative, her well might have run dry. It’s important to recognize the one overriding feature of all wells: they run deep. So too, do women’s emotions. Emotions can be misleading. Emotions may lead a woman to believe she is in love, when, in reality, she is infatuated. The woman and the well may allow emotions to overflow and run dry. This is to be avoided at all costs. Always leave enough in your “well” to replenish your resources.

The Human Recipe
All human beings are comprised of the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and metaphysical elements that affect our decisions. Good physical and mental health is always solid foundations for good relationships. Though some relate “spiritual” to religion, it may be learning who and what your true spirit is and has always been in order to advance your life experiences with guys. For many women, emotions can be destructive or productive. Unless, women can clearly recognize their judgments with regard to their emotional basis, some women find they waste time on the wrong guys. Women should ask themselves, “Are these feelings mainly emotion?” This is how many women separate themselves from men who waste their time. The human recipe and the “ingredients” of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and metaphysical instruct women on how to make choices.

Wrong Guys Waste Your Time
There’s a very simple method to uncovering wrong guys who waste your time: imagine yourself with the guys in question as your life partner of 50 years. How much of these guys characters can you live your entire lifetime with? This is one way to hasten your decision on which guys are worth your time and effort and which are not. It’s important to be honest about your feelings. If you are unsure, there’s always time to reflect, meditate and look deeply inside yourself for answers.

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