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5 Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

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5 Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

5 Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Dry skin can be itchy, uncomfortable, and unsightly. There are a number of different causes including taking hot showers, being outside in the cold, underlying illnesses, environmental irritants, and aging.

Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Below are 5 things that people who suffer from dry skin should not do:

1. Take Hot Showers

Hot water dries out the natural oils that moisturize the skin. In order to avoid over-drying the skin, taking a warm shower rather than a hot one and not remaining in the shower for long periods of time can help reduce dry skin. Another problem with showers is that many people mistakenly believe exfoliating benefits dry skin. In reality, the friction makes the dryness worse and a soft washcloth or hands are a better tool for scrubbing dry skin.

2. Forget to Bundle Up

Protecting oneself from the elements is vitally important for those with dry skin. Cold, dry winter air and indoor heating alike remove moisture from the air which can lead to dry, itchy skin. Using a humidifier indoors and setting heat to remain between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months is an important way to reduce dry skin. In addition, wearing scarves, hats, and face masks creates a barrier to seal in moisture.

3. Ignore Symptoms

Sometimes, dry skin is an indication of a serious condition that requires treatment from a medical professional. For instance, dry skin may be a sign of diabetes and thyroid conditions. Seeking out treatment when dry skin is persistent is important. Often, something as simple as a cream or prescription medication can solve the problem when there is an underlying issue.

4. Continue to Use Irritants

An irritant could be something as simple as a particular type of fabric or a laundry detergent that causes dry skin. This is especially common in people with allergies or other sensitivities. Eliminating one potential irritant at a time is a great way to determine what may be causing the dry skin. Products made specifically for sensitive skin that are both dye and fragrance free are ideal options.

5. Use Products with High Amounts of Alcohol

Using products that contain high levels of alcohol is damaging for those with dry skin. Alcohol breaks down the skin’s barrier which can let harmful irritants in so products with alcohol listed as one of the main ingredients should be avoided. Many companies use alcohol because it can thin out skin care products, but it also prevents water from penetrating the skin and locks moisture out.

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