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10 Mind Blowing Bridges You Didn’t Know Were Real

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10 Mind Blowing Bridges You Didn't Know Were Real

10 Mind Blowing Bridges You Didn’t Know Were Real

1- Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Japan:

This Vine Bridge is located in Tokushima, over the Iya-gawa River. Standing at 148 feet long and 46 feet high it remains one of Japans most scariest bridge to date.

Iya Valley Vine Bridges

2- Canopy Walk, Ghana

This bridge is located in Kakum National Park at about 100 feet above the forest floor, with it only being a foot wide, you’ll need a brave heart to cross this bridge for sure.

Canopy Walk, Ghana

3- Millau Viaduct, France

When driving on the bridge you can look down into the clouds! This bridge which is taller that the Eiffel Tower at the highest point is the world’s tallest vehicular bridge!

Millau Viaduct, France

4- Volgograd Bridge, Russia

Crossing this bridge is considered such an accomplishment that the 34 people who have done it created their own Facebook page. The old railway bridge is only 50 feet above the water, so what makes it scary? it’s barley wide enough for one car and is covered with ice for most of the year and has no railings to catch your fall.

Volgograd Bridge, Russia

5- Road Between Tierradentro to La Plata, Colombia

The mountain road is full of bamboo bridges, with water rushing just inches below makes it the one of the scariest bridges of all time.

Road Between Tierradentro to La Plata, Colombia

6- Cikurutug Bridge, Indonesia

After enjoying the beautiful views on your three-hour trip to Argo Gede the ride turns from scenic to scary once you get to the Cikurutug Bridge. This train slid off its tracks in 2002, though nobody was hurt, authorities have elevated security precautions to protect their passenger’s safety since the accident.

Cikurutug Bridge, Indonesia

7- Captain William Moore Bridge, Alaska

The bridge that’s only anchored securely at one end by the engineers that built it, do to the fact that it crosses an active earthquake fault, so when the ground below shifts, the bridge isn’t torn apart is located along the South Klondike Highway near Skagway.

Captain William Moore Bridge, Alaska

8- U Pain Bridge, Myanmar

This 3/4-mile-long teak bridge was built more than 200 years ago. More than 1,000 wooden posts (read: logs)—with roughly four or five feet between each—hold it up.

U Pain Bridge, Myanmar

9- Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

This bridge located in the Florida Keys makes it a prime target for the region’s many hurricanes. This Bridge connects the Middle and Lower Keys.

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

10- Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

This bridge is considered to be the world’s most harrowing suspension bridges, it is located in the village of Hussaini in Northern Pakistan, crossing the Hunza River.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

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