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10 Things The REAL Man Won’t Make You Wonder About

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10 Things The REAL Man Won't Make You Wonder About

10 Things The REAL Man Won’t Make You Wonder About

Deciding whether or not you’ve found your happily ever after is a challenge. It’s worse, however, when you aren’t sure whether or not you can fully trust your partner. Is he really into you, or is he just hanging out with you until something better comes along? Does he genuinely share your dreams, or is he just paying lip service to the idea while privately thinking that you’re nuts? If you’ve really found Mr. Right, he’s going to be open and honest with you-and that means there are some things you’ll never have to wonder about again. If he’s a Real Man, and really the man for you, you’ll already know the answers!


1. His Dreams

A real man has dreams and plans for his life-and he’s not afraid to share them with the woman he loves. He’ll talk with you about them. It might take time to draw out some of those deeper dreams-he’s probably not going to tell you all about his desire to be a dad on your first date-but over time, you’ll have no trouble learning whether or not his life goals align with yours.

2. His Plans With You

A real man isn’t afraid to talk about his feelings, especially when it comes to the woman he loves. He’s going to tell you straight out that he’s interested in pursuing a deeper relationship with you and where he sees this going. He’ll also be honest about his end goals: a real man will tell you if he isn’t considering marriage rather than leaving you to guess.

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3. He’s Not Cheating

If he’s really the right man for you, there’s one thing you can count on: he’s not cheating. A real man is in it for the long haul, and he’s honest enough to be clear with you. He wants you, and you’re worth waiting for.

4. Why You’re Fighting

Even the strongest couples have fights. When you learn how to fight fair, however, you can be open and honest with one another about the reason for your disagreements. Not only that, you’ll learn how to resolve them fairly. If he’s the one for you, he’ll tell you why he’s really mad instead of jumping all over you for something else and leaving you to guess what actually set him off.

5. He Has a Life 

He loves being around you, spending time with you, and doing things together. He also has his own interests and hobbies, and they take up at least some of his time. You’ll discover that this makes your relationship stronger and your interest in him greater.

6. He’s Not Going to Pressure You

If you’re looking for a real man, look for one who is willing to be patient with you. Whether it’s rushing into a physical relationship or forcing you to watch a movie you aren’t comfortable with, a real man will keep your wishes and desires ahead of his own. He won’t push you to do things that make you uncomfortable–though he might encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

7. He’ll Stick It Out

You need a partner who is committed to helping you reach your goals. The right man for you will be honest to the core, standing by your side even when it means telling you some hard truths. He won’t be harsh or cruel about it, but he also won’t lie and tell you that you can afford to skip that day at the gym or that your presentation sounds great when really, it needs a lot of improvement.

8. His Faith Story

You don’t have to be any particular religion for faith to be important in your lives. A great relationship usually requires partners to be on the same page about religion, though. A real man will be open and honest about that part of his life, making it easier for you to make an informed decision.

9. His Nearest and Dearest

It’s true that his best buddies might not be yours. It’s equally true, however, that if he’s the right one for you, he will introduce you to his friends and give you a chance to get to know them. He should want to show you off!

10. His Finances

No, you don’t have to take a fine toothed comb to your boyfriend’s financial report to know that he’s the one for you. You do, however, need to be able to discuss money matters openly and honestly. If you’re planning to spend a lifetime together, that will mean tying your finances together, too.

Honesty and openness are critical to any relationship. If your boyfriend is a real man, he’s not going to leave you hanging. Instead, he’ll share these important facets of his life, allowing you to get to know him better and further developing your relationship.

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