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The One Thing That Turns Your Partner On More Than Anything

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The One Thing That Turns Your Partner On More Than Anything

The One Thing That Turns Your Partner On More Than Anything

When you’re invested in a relationship, you usually want to achieve and keep a rewarding give-and-take between you as you enjoy life to the fullest. You want to find ways to take pleasure, but you also want to give pleasure. That means figuring out the secret to the one thing that turns your partner on more than anything. Find that key and you’ll unlock the door to an amazing, enriching experience with your soulmate. If you’re willing to open your mind, you can figure out how to turn your partner on and it isn’t hard to do.

The One Thing That Turns Your Partner On More Than Anything Else


Be Yourself
According to MindBodyGreen, the best way to completely engage your partner is by being yourself and allowing all of your joy and enthusiasm for life to shine through. When you are completely comfortable with yourself in your own skin, when you love who you are and you are filled with vitality, you are going to be irresistible. Your partner won’t be able to look away or get enough of you. You’ll make heads turn wherever you go and light up a room because you’ve got magnetic appeal. It’s nothing to do with your looks or talent, it’s about who you are and recognizing that you are a gift to the world.

Wake Up to Who You Are
When you’re in a relationship, you are often trying to figure out what your partner wants and how to please them. Take a lesson from the late Ricky Nelson when he sang, “You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.” If you aren’t happy with who you are, you can’t make someone else happy. Tiny Buddha reminds you that you have to wake up to who you are. You need to embrace all of your positive qualities and your flaws. You need to find what it is about you that makes you feel passionate, follow your instincts, and let your true personality be revealed. The person who is in love with you is going to love the real you, not a sham.

Don’t Try to Impress Anyone. Be a Natural
Listen to Pick Your Brain and those who want to help you to grow yourself. You don’t need to worry about impressing your partner. Your partner doesn’t want an act or someone who is trying to fit a mold. You don’t want to be a chameleon, changing with every group of people that you meet. You need to be the honest, steady, true you everywhere that you go. Your partner wants someone to count on, someone who will be a rock through good times and bad. Show the world the person inside and your partner won’t be able to let you go.

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