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8 Dating Mistakes According to Matchmakers

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8 Dating Mistakes According to Matchmakers

8 Dating Mistakes According to Matchmakers

Most people want to find true love and share their life with another person, making it important to date around and meet new people. Although many people find success on the dating scene, others may struggle to find the right companion. To increase your odds of finding romance – avoid making these dating mistakes:

1. Playing Games

According to psychologytoday.com, one of the most common dating mistakes people make while dating is playing games. This can lead to confusion and can waste time when you’re trying to protect your ego or feelings. Maintain good communication with the individual that you’re seeing and make your intentions known to avoid any confusion.

2. Moving Too Fast

Although it’s important to be direct and mature when dating, it’s also important to avoid moving too quickly. Avoid talking about marriage, children, or the future in the first few months of dating, which will scare off the other individual. Focus on getting to know one another and discovering what you have in common before defining your relationship.

3. Talking About Past Relationships

According to eharmony.com, women often make the mistake of talking about past relationships. Avoid discussing how many broken hearts you’ve had over the years or the type of men that you’ve previously dated. You don’t want to bore your new partner with how you’ve been mistreated or hurt in the past with excess baggage that can affect your current relationship.

4. Forgetting to Check Their Background

You may not want to stalk the new person that you begin to date, but it’s also important to conduct a bit of research on their background to ensure that you can trust them. Perform a Google search on their name and look at their social media accounts. This will allow you to determine if they’re already in a relationship and if they’re as credible of a person as they appear to be. This will allow you to remain safe on the dating scene and can help you to avoid getting hurt as the relationship progresses.


5. Becoming Clingy

A common turnoff when dating is becoming overly clingy to the person that you’re in a relationship with. You may become excited that you’ve finally met someone who seems like the perfect match, but it’s still important to avoid bombarding them with text messages or phone calls throughout the day. Act interested but remain independent to ensure that you don’t lose yourself in the relationship.

6. Acting Insecure

Most matchmakers advise that it’s important to remain confident in who you are and what you have to offer as you begin to date. Insecurities are easy to recognize and will make you less attractive if you’re complaining about your appearance or your lack of talents. Remaining confident in who you are will attract more people and will show them what you can offer to a relationship.

7. Making Decisions Based on Fear

It can be easy to act out of fear when making dating decisions, whether you’re afraid to be alone or don’t want to commit. Evaluate each decision that you make to determine if fear is involved. This will allow you to avoid the wrong relationship and can make it easier to remain open to a healthy relationship that has the potential to prosper over time.

8. Poor Listening Skills

Men may find it more challenging to listen well when it comes to dating. It can often be easy to begin to daydream or text your friends when another person is talking, but this can significantly affect the future of the relationship. Make it a point to listen intently and value what your date is saying to ensure that you can really get to know who they are and if you share a connection with one another.

Although it may be challenging to navigate the dating scene, there are many ways to find chemistry and romance with another person. By avoiding a number of mistakes that are commonly made, you’ll protect yourself and can increase your chances of meeting the right person without scaring them away.

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