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Choose A Door, What Your Choice Reveals About Your Personality

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Choose A Door, What Your Choice Reveals About Your Personality

Choose A Door, What Your Choice Reveals About Your Personality

Want to learn something more about your personality and your future in just a few short minutes? Then complete the following task: pick a door, any door, from the array below. After you make your choice, read on to learn what it says about you. You might see yourself in a whole new light or further confirm something you already understood about yourself. Either way, you will never look at a door quite the same way again.

Choose A Door, What Your Choice Reveals About Your Personality

Choose from the selection of doors below:

Now that you have a selected a door, scroll down to see what it reveals about you
and your future. The results may surprise you.

door 1


Door Number One:

You like structure in your life. The trick for you is to create order that is not overbearing. The appropriate amount of structure will allow you to live a calm, orderly life.


door 2


Door Number Two:

Yellow is the color of optimism. If you chose this door, you are no doubt attracted to its sunny color. You may also like the nice, even number on the door frame. You have high hopes for the future and will do what it takes to make them come true.


door 3


Door Number Three:

You like to challenge the norm, but you also appreciate limits. You are a free-thinker who will change the world by questioning traditional standards along the way.


door 4


Door Number Four:

You appreciate security. You understand that there is risk in the world, and you generally like to avoid it. You set yourself up for success by anticipating future threats and preparing for them.


door 5

Door Number Five:

You like others to anticipate your arrival to ensure the best possible interactions. You place a high value on personal connections. You will have solid relationships to rely on throughout your life.


door 6


Door Number Six:

You like to know exactly where you are going in life. You do not like surprises, and you make choices that ensure you deal with as few as possible. Your careful planning will ensure you lead the life you want.


door 7


Door Number Seven:

You seek security, yet you crave adventure. You add excitement to your life by taking
calculated risks on well-lit paths. Calculated risk-takers are among the most successful people in the world.


door 8


Door Number Eight:

You seek serenity in your life. You are attracted to this soothing color as it allows you to take a breath and slow down. Your affinity for calm in this hectic world bodes well for your ability to handle stress.

Now that you have learned something about yourself, pass this test along to others so they can do the same!

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