How to Read Your Dog's Body Language

Canine body language is a great way to help owners understand what dogs are feeling, how they are handling a situation, and what they are about to do. Handed down from the body language of their lupine ancestors, the body language of dogs is easy for humans to understand.

Knowing canine body language can help avoid fearful situations and aggressive behavior, prevent dog bites, as well as how to react when situations arise.

1- Relaxed dogs do not feel threatened by other dogs or their environment. They are friendly and approachable.

Relaxed dog body language traits:

Relaxed dog body language traits

2- The playful stance, where a dog has his rump raised high, is the sign that it’s time to go out and play! Dogs also acquire this stance as a time out or as an apology or peace offering if they think they may have behaved too aggressively or threateningly.

Playful body language traits:

Playful body language traits

How to Read Your Dog's Body Language


3- Stressed dogs give signals to show they are overheated, frustrated, fearful, or simply trying to deflect conflict.

Stressed dog body language traits: