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Women’s Self Defense Tips

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Women’s Self Defense Tips

Women’s Self Defense Tips
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

It’s hard for women to stay safe in life. Women are not safe anywhere, on the road, school, hostels, work, or on the bus. It’s vital for women to know their safety measurements. They should know some tricks to avoid unwanted situations by learning self-defense tips, this way they can help ensure their safety even if they are alone.

Women’s Self Defense Tips

Here are some safety tips:

Use your elbow
The elbow is the strongest part of your body. If you are caught in a situation where a person grabs you from the back and you are close enough to use to your elbow, use it. Push his face with your elbow as hard as you can. You can also bite his hand and run. This technique may require some karate skills and you may face difficulties doing it.

When On Elevators/Lift
If you are using a lift to reach your apartment or office and you notice that you are being followed by someone then you can use this trick to help assure your safety, press all the floor buttons on the lift so that the lift doors open at every floor. Using this tip can help you avoid an unwanted situation.

Aerosol Sprays
Aerosol sprays are considered one of the most effective tips for self-defense. When people talk about aerosol spray they are most often referring to a pepper spray which works best. Pepper spray is effective as it does not entirely depend on the infliction of pain to immobilize the attacker. It causes temporary blindness and restricts the bronchial tubes by causing coughing and choking. Pepper sprays that contain Scoville Heat Units between 1 and 2 million are the most effective.


Shout, Attack and Run
If someone is attacking you shout as loud as you can. If you don’t know what to yell just shout, “back off!” or “I don’t know you!” You can then kick the side of his knee. To kick the knee you don’t need to be very close. If they are close enough make good use of your fingers. Press his eyes with your thumb as hard as you can or scratch his face. Following that run away, keep yelling.

If somebody Intrudes in Your Home
If you are stuck in your home where somebody is trying to rob you, then run into the kitchen. First of all call police if you can access your phone. Only the person living in the house can know the place where he keeps all his knives and breakable plates. Start using these tools as your weapons. This way he would not be able to go to that section of house where he can get some precious stuff. If everything fails then start throwing utensils and shout as hard as you can to alert your neighbors.

While Parking Your Car
When you park your car at night and its dark everywhere try to park your car near the parking lot light. If you are approaching your car at night keep your keys handy and not in your purse. Keeping keys between your second and third finger is smart.

When a Robber Asks For Your Wallet On the Street
If you encounter someone who is asking you to hand over your wallet or purse DO NOT hand over your bags or purse to him, toss them away from you. Chances are that he is keener to have your wallet/purse than you. He might chase your wallet and you can escape from the situation or kick him off. Run like mad in the opposite direction.

Other Tools
Women generally carry much stuff in their bags and they can make the best use of those things. They can keep other safety measures in their bag like blades, guns, or pointed pins. If they are stuck in a bad situation they can use these tools, shout, and run.

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