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6 Common Behaviors That Can Damage Any Loving Relationship

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6 Common Behaviors That Can Damage Any Loving Relationship

6 Common Behaviors That Can Damage Any Loving Relationship

When you first enter a new relationship everything seems blissful and beautiful. You’re ready to give all you have and do all you can for your partner, and you expect the same in return. The relationship may seem unbreakable, but unfortunately as the relationship ages your behavior changes unintentionally and you don’t feel as loved anymore. Let us tell you why; years into a relationship we naturally adopt some behaviors that can slowly spoil the relationship, and we don’t even know we do it.

Behaviors That Can Damage Any Loving Relationship 1

Here are 10 common behaviors you should avoid to keep your relationship safe and loving:

How would you feel if suddenly the one who was once supportive and loving starts complaining and criticizing you for things you do? When you want to share something or seek advice he/she is too busy or blames you for your problems. There is no respect for you or your needs. This behavior destroys relationships.

Same old song
Initially you talk your heart out and say everything and anything. You praise their every move and express how lovable they are. As time passes, things change, but not your words. You say the same things you said the first night just for the heck of it. The repeated words can bore your partner and they no longer sound sincere. They start to enjoy hearing new words from new voices. Don’t be predictable.

Involving your mother (in-law)
It’s common for in-laws and parents to create problems between couples that lead to big arguments. They can become so huge that it’s hard to face each other. Try to keep your issues between you two and solve them on your own. You can plan holidays so that you rotate between his family and yours.

Dominating behavior is harmful, from anyone. Initially you may love that confident behavior of your girl or guy, the way they tackle every problem that comes their way. You may even be proud of them. But after a month or so you realize you don’t agree with them on everything. There are things you like that they don’t, but you enjoy the restaurants and activities he chooses. They want you to stay the same adoring creature with no opinions of your own.

Mistrust or hiding things
If you feel you have to conceal things from your spouse it can damage your relationship. How would you feel if your partner behaves oddly and avoids answering questions? Open honest communication is essential.

Holding a grudge
If you have a habit of holding on to grudges it can erode your love. If you can’t let go of your partner’s mistakes, you can’t survive in a relationship. Learn to forgive and move on as a couple.

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