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Top 5 Things All Girls and Guys Want to Hear in the Bedroom

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Top 5 Things All Girls and Guys Want to Hear in the Bedroom

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Top 5 Things All Girls and Guys Want to Hear in the Bedroom

Lovemaking is one of the most sought after ‘activities’ in today’s society, understandably. It brings two people closer together while making them both feel great at the same time. Studies have shown that it relieves stress, which is yet another perk. But sometimes, Lovemaking just isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. What you need to do is continue reading to find out what you can say to your partner during lovemaking to add that extra bit of excitement to the event.

Top 5 Things All Girls and Guys Want to Hear in the Bedroom

Things Guys Want to Hear

Guys are usually pretty easily pleased, but who doesn’t love a little bit of encouragement?

1. “You’re huge.” This is the most common saying, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Guys love to hear that extra confidence boost, and it gives them incentive to perform better in bed.

2. “I love when you’re inside me.” Just knowing that you want them inside of you will add that extra bit of spice to lovemaking. He obviously loves being inside of you, so knowing that you feel the same will give him that reassurance.

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3. “You can do whatever you want to me. Anything at all.” This is one of the best things you can say to a guy. Just hearing these words gives him freedom to do whatever he pleases, and whatever makes him (and you) feel the best.

4. “Right there.” Even though these two words seem so simple and stupid, guys love to hear them. It lets them know that he’s doing something right, and you love it, which also means you’re closer to an satisfaction peak.

5. “I’m about to come.” This is the ultimate thing a guy wants to hear. These words say how great of a job he has done, and they will most likely make him closer to coming, too.

5 Things Girls Want to Hear

Girls are usually the difficult ones, but they aren’t too difficult when it comes to s*x.

1. “I love how you ride me. Just like guys, girls love to have reinforcement, too. It gives them a confidence boost that will ultimately make them ride you even better.

2. “You’re so wet.” This is almost a win-win. She likes to hear that she’s making you feel good, but it also tells her that she’s feeling good.
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3. “You’re so hot.” Another confidence boost. Telling her how attractive she is to you gives her motivation to make you feel even better.

4. “That makes me feel so freaking good.” You can switch up the wording on this one a bit, if you catch my drift. Girls like a bit of dirty talk. It makes things in the bedroom more lighthearted and fun, and allows them to enjoy the moment more.

5. “I just want to make you come.” If she knows that you’re goal is to make her feel good and to make her experience the ultimate satisfaction, that gives her an extra bit of excitement and sparks things up a little. Let’s face it, girls love when guys give them attention, so why would it be any different in bed?

Overall, girls and guys just want to hear what you’re thinking during lovemaking, and a little dirty talk never hurt anyone.


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