15 Mistakes You Are Making in a New Relationship

15 Mistakes You Are Making in a New Relationship

15 Mistakes You Are Making in a New Relationship

Admit it, you’ve been guilty of one or maybe more of these rookie mistakes in love. We all have. But practice makes perfect. Read on and learn how to stop yourself from going down a path you can’t return from.

Calling/texting too much.

The smartphone might be one of the most disastrous things to ever happen to romantic relationships. No, you shouldn’t respond every time you have a new text from your sweetie, nor should you constantly bombard them with phone calls or updates on your day.

Changing a social media status to “in a relationship.”

Times have changed and now we get to display our relationships to our entire social network, often before our partner in crime is ready for that step. It might seem trite, but if you are itching to change your status, ask your partner first.

Changing your schedule for your partner

Before you were dating, you already had habits that were beneficial for you as an individual. You don’t need to ditch all of them just because your partner is on a different schedule.

Asking to meet their parents or best friends.

If things are serious, your lover is already thinking about how best to introduce you to those most important in their lives. Focus on strengthening the bond between the two of you and have patience and faith in their decisions about when a meeting is right.

Neglecting your friends to be with your lover.

One of the things your lover adored about you when they met you was how healthy and supportive your relationships with your best friends was. It might be tempting to spend all your time with your new lover, but it’s a terrible idea. Friends will feel hurt and a lover will get an inflated sense of self-importance.

Needing your lover to change to feel satisfied.

People evolve and change over time, but expecting to be able to change someone overnight into exactly what you think they should be is just wrong. Strong partnerships help both lovers grow in a healthy direction while maintaining their sense of self.

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Put too much emphasis on closeness.

Love-making can be mind-blowing, but it’s not always the best indicator of a healthy relationship. You could have incredible love-making in a destructive relationship or a healthy one. You should share amazing love-making with your partner, but it shouldn’t be the only parameter with which you judge your relationship.

Moving in together right away.

You love each other, you can’t get enough, you spend every night with each other. But should you move in together in haste? Maintain a little mystery and allow yourself the time living solo to grow into a person that *you* would want to be in a relationship with.