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8 Interesting Facts about Fast Food

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8 Interesting Facts about Fast Food

Did you know the USA spent more than 150 billion dollars on nutritionally deficient high calorie food annually? And that just in the U.S there are 300,000 fast food restaurants?

1. French fries are the most popular food in America
‘Freedom Fries’ would be more appropriate, since they surpassed the sale of regular potatoes long time ago.

2. Taco Bell’s salad has more fat than 5 regular burritos.
Just because it says salad, does not mean it’s healthier, especially when it comes to fast food. Taco Bell’s salad has 52g of fat, beating the amount of fat of 5 regular burritos put together.

3. Sugar anyone?
The fast food statistics indicate that of all the items on the McDonald’s menu, only seven of them contain no sugar. Talk about a sugar fix! It’s in your drink, your dressing, on your burger – it’s even on the fries!

8 Interesting Facts about Fast Food

4. More than 48% of drink fountain dispensers were contaminated with fecal bacteria
First of all, stop drinking carbonated drinks, your body and health will very much appreciate it, but if that option is not for you make sure you’re very careful about where you get your soft drinks.

5. Carl’s Jr.’s Double Six: the most unhealthy burger around
With 1520 calories, 111 grams of fat, and 2760 mg of sodium, this burger contains around 3/4 of your daily recommended calories.

6. Ha-Ha-Happy meal!
Research shows that most North American children can recognize McDonalds before they can speak. Truly a testament to fast food advertising.

7. As drink sizes increased, the cup holders started to be made bigger and bigger
Car manufacturers began installing cup holders in the 1990s because of the popularization of the drive-thru.

8. Just walk it off!
As if it was that easy, walking is a great exercise, but its not do magic, if you want to burn off your fast food calorie intake you will have to walk at least 6 hours for a large drink, large fries and a Big Mac.

Eat fast food, and get fat, and there’s more! You can also get sleep apnea, diabetes, impotence, high blood pressure, most types of cancer, headache, esophageal reflux, infertility, heart disease, gallstones, osteoarthritis, depression, stroke, insulin resistance, asthma, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and lower back pain.
Rethink next time where you eat, cooking for yourself or family doesn’t sound that bad anymore huh?


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