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How to Use a POTATO to Heal Your Entire Body

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How to Use a POTATO to Heal Your Entire Body

How to Use a POTATO to Heal Your Entire Body

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When television’s Oprah Winfrey recently announced she was cutting out her obsession with potatoes, we knew she was headed down the wrong track. Miss O is now blaming the humble potato for her constant weight battles. It ain’t the spuds, dear Oprah. In fact, the potato is so powerful, from its tough skin to its meaty core and extracted juice, that this root vegetable keeps wowing scientific research. We’ve found 10 natural, safe remedies from the potato, and that’s just scratching the surface.

It's More Than Yummy Carbs - It's Real Cure From Head To Toe

The potato is pretty much a perfect veggie loaded with dietary fiber; Vitamin B6; Vitamin C; potassium; copper; iron, zinc, manganese; phosphorus; niacin and pantothenic acid. The spud has in it health-promoting phytonutrients that boost anti-oxidant activity. One large russet contains about 290 calories, zero cholesterol, 7.9 grams of protein and barely any fat.

To appreciate all their healthy benefits, it’s best to not only consume the potato but drink its juice and use it as a topical treatment. There’s no waste on the spud.

1. Juice for Hair Health + Growth
Many women from India have learned this natural beauty tip from their mothers and grandmothers. For dandruff, hair fall-out and hair that doesn’t grow much, try this:

Add four potatoes with skin on to a food processor and extract the juice. Apply the serum to your scalp and massage for 5 minutes. Leave the juice on for 20 minutes. Then rinse.

2. Potato for Wart Elimination
Those unsightly, protruding bumps are not pleasant to see. Peel some skin off a raw potato and use as a band-aid over the wart. Apply tape to hold in place. You should see results in a week or two.

3. Bye-Bye Bad BP
New research has found that the potassium in potatoes can lower the numbers. It was revealed at the 242nd National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society that just a couple servings of potatoes daily, reduces blood pressure without causing weight gain.

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4. Promoting Colon Health
Fiber is necessary for our diet to keep things moving. The potato’s high fiber content helps the bowel maintain a steady routine and prevent colon cancer. One whole potato provides 3 plus grams of fiber. Doctors say the magic is in the potato skin.

5. NCBI: Potatoes Heal Gastro Issues
The National Center for Biotechnology Information had several clinical trials analyzed concerning raw potatoes used for gastro-intestinal disorders. The findings look promising, and results encourage further investigation of oral potato juice concentrate for digestive complaints.

6. Spuds Spur Healthy Beat
Eating potatoes in a healthy manner can offer added protection to the heart. Potatoes are rich in Vitamin B6, which is related to overall lower rates of heart disease. B6 can help keep homocysteine levels low, saving you from heart attack/stroke.

7. Possible Breast Cancer Treatment
New Zealand researcher, Dr. Esther Swee Lan Chong of the University of Massey has revealed exciting news. The extracts from both purple potatoes and ordinary white potatoes halted the growth of breast cancer cells in lab tests. She combined the extracts with breast cancer drug Tamoxifen.

8. Helping Burns Heal
The NCBI conducted tests that found sterile, raw potato skins make a better cover than gauze for burns and provide good healing. Potato peel dressings could be effective in poor countries.

9. Potato Pimple Fighter
Troubled by break-outs? Some beauty researchers have found that a potato toner keeps acne away. After cleansing, take a slice of raw potato and rub across the face to keep complexion clear.

10. Post-Sunburn Salve
If you got too much sun, and now your lobster-red body is paying the price, try this. Place cold potato slices on the painfully burnt skin to soothe and take the sunburn sting away.


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