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How to Stay Healthy When Going to the Pool

How to Stay Healthy When Going to the Pool

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How to Stay Healthy When Going to the Pool

Summer is here! That time of the year when we all go to the pool, the kids get excited about spending the whole day having fun in the sun and swimming, we all keep in count that it is essential to bring sunblock to protect our skin from the radiant sun also the towel for preventing a cold, and a drink to avoid dehydration but we tend to forget that our whole body is going to get contaminated with bacteria and viruses that are inside the pool, no matter what.

How to Stay Healthy When Going to the Pool

With the following tips you can protect your health and enjoy the splashing and swimming as well, having fun and staying healthy.

• Avoid indoor swimming pools: there have been previous studies that show how these pools promote the development of childhood asthma as well as cancer.

• Try an ultraviolet light or electricity an oxidation system for your pool this system requires a generator and its main purpose and most important one is to keep your pool clean and disinfected.

• Choose ionization system: the system is based on water that is ionized which means it has been purified by an electrical process, it gets rid of bacteria and viruses.

• Bathe before getting in and out of the pool: this for 2 reasons, one is chlorine absorbs into your skin, and too much exposure to chlorine has been linked to major health problems, like the ones previously mentioned, then cause it is very common to presence factors like body products, sweat, saliva, or urine, mostly in public pools, these create certain volatile disinfection byproducts like chloroform which is potentially carcinogenic it might cause liver and kidney damage.

stay healthy in the pool

• Opt for pools with less chlorine or chlorine-free chemicals, these doesn’t mean they are not toxic but they are less harmful.

• Between the hours of 10am to 3pm it is suggested to not expose yourself and children to the sunlight, those are the times when the sun is the strongest and most harmful for the skin.

• Protect your head (brain) and face, put on a hat on you and your little ones and make sure you know for how long your sunscreen is water resistant for, try to avoid sunburns.

Stay Healthy When Going to the Pool

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