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5 Tips for Cutting Calories Daily Without Starving

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5 Tips for Cutting Calories Daily Without Starving

5 Tips for Cutting Calories Daily Without Starving

Staying in a caloric deficit is essential if someone wants to lose weight. However, many people struggle with energy loss when on a heavy caloric deficit diet. There are ways for people who are looking to lose weight that make cutting out calories much easier. Instead of starving, make these simple adjustments to cut calories daily.

5 Tips for Cutting Calories Daily without starving

Use Less Dressing

Salads are a great food to eat while on a diet because they are satisfying and healthy. However, many people put lots of dressing on the salads which can increase the calories. Instead, measure out how much dressing you usually put on a salad and use about half of that next time. This will save approximately 100 – 200 calories on a salad.

Turkey Bacon

One of the most popular diet is the Atkins diet, which seeks to eliminate carb excess in the diet. On this diet, many people eat a lot of bacon and other meats. If there is a large amount of meat in your diet, go for the lower calorie option such as turkey bacon or ground turkey. This will still taste great, but there will be far fewer calories in these options that the generic ones.

Drink Flavored Water

Drinking just plain water can get boring and cause people to crave sugary drinks. Instead of reaching for a can of Coke or a Gatorade, instead go to using low calorie flavorings in large amounts of water. This will provide an energy boost and will also make the water taste much better. It is essential that you stay hydrated while on a caloric deficit, and this can help people continue to drink water.

Eliminate Cooking Oils

Another big source of calories for many people in their diets is in the oils used to cook their foods. Instead of using high calorie butter or other oils, go for a calorie free version. In addition, boiling the food is also an option in many cases. Although boiling will generally take longer, the couple hundred calories are a great option in order to eliminate the oils is well worth the trade.

Pick Healthy Snacks

Finally, one of the biggest diet busters is the afternoon snack. Many people start to feel lethargic around 3 – 4 pm every day as our natural energy cycles start to go down. Instead of reaching for a Coke or a candy bar, make sure you have a healthy snack available in order to get through the afternoon. Although it should not be taken in excess, coffee offers a great no calorie way to get an energy boost throughout the day. Just remember not to load up on the creams and sugars in the coffee to keep it healthy.

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