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6 Major Enemies of Your Skin

6 Major Enemies of Your Skin

If you like to have a beautiful skin, you should know what are the friends of your skin and what are the enemies of your skin. The major enemies of your skin health are as following:

1- Stress: Stress is one of the major causes of premature aging in your skin.

2- Dehydration: Skin needs plenty of water. So dehydration causes wrinkles and lines in your skin. It’s better to drink couple of waters daily.

3- Fatty Foods: For having a healthier skin try to consume more and more veggies and fruits.

4- Pollution: Many chemicals cause harmful chain reactions in the skin. Having foods that contain loads of antioxidants can deplete these harmful reactions.

5- Smoking: There are more than 4000 toxins in the smoke of cigarettes. So exposure to this smoke, first hand or second hand, causes premature aging of your skin.

6- Sun exposure: Not only sun’s UV causes premature aging of skin, but also it may cause some forms of skin cancer.

{last Reviewed on October 22nd 2019 by Dr. Schei}


  1. […] One of the biggest mistakes people can make is to disrupt the delicate skin around their eyes. Rubbing and pulling the skin in this area can cause darkness. Be sure to get enough sleep each night, the skin renews and repairs itself during sleep and this can’t happen if one is lacking the sleep the body needs. Sleeping on your side isn’t good for skin, either. It can break facial skin down, which eventually causes wrinkles. Pursing lips often and for long periods of time (remember “duck face” phenomenon?) can also cause lip wrinkles. We purse our lips when we drink out of straws and when we smoke. Speaking of which, the chemicals in tobacco cigarettes can age the skin dramatically. […]