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A Simple Stretch That Stops Knee Pain in NO Time

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A Simple Stretch That Stops Knee Pain in NO Time

A Simple Stretch That Stops Knee Pain in NO Time

Odds are, you or someone you know suffers from knee pain. If it’s not arthritis, one of the most common age-related illnesses in the world, then maybe its years of overuse, or an old injury. Suffice to say, our knees take a lot of abuse, and with how much we rely on them, living with knee pain is a no go. But physical therapy can cost thousands, and alleviating the discomfort you feel simply might not be worth that kind of money.

1 A Simple Stretch That Stops Knee Pain in NO Time

Luckily, reducing this knee pain might be as simple as grabbing a hand towel and flexing your muscles. As it turns out, there are a number of simple stretches that require nothing more than common household objects but, when done properly and consistently, can eliminate your knee pain and help to strengthen your knees and restore mobility.


To perform this stretch, grab a hand towel and find somewhere to sit that’s big enough to pull your knee up into your body. Bring your knee up into your chest and wedge the towel behind your knee cap. Gently pull your shin into your chest while contracting and releasing your hamstrings and calves. Do this for about five to ten seconds on each side. If performed correctly, you should feel near immediate relief.

Continuing to perform the stretch daily will help to create space in your knee joint, eliminate knee pain, and lending to healthier knees. Once you’ve reaped all the benefits from this stretch, you can work on further stretching and strengthening your knees with a number of other stretches to ensure your knees stay healthy. Your knees will thank you for it in the long run!

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