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Attention Everyone! American Cheese You Buy Is NOT Cheese!

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Attention Everyone! American Cheese You Buy Is NOT Cheese!

Attention Everyone! American Cheese You Buy Is NOT Cheese!

You may have heard the term “plastic cheese” already. This refers to the familiar yellow or orange slices of American cheese. It is quick and easy to remove the plastic wrapping and top your burgers with this product, but is it healthy?

Attention Everyone! American Cheese You Buy Is NOT Cheese!

American cheese legally cannot be labelled as cheese, as over fifty-one percent of American cheese is not cheese. What you’ll notice on the package is that it is called “pasteurized cheese product.” It is cheaper than real cheese and chock-full of additives. It has an insanely long shelf life- most likely because it isn’t really food. In fact, the original name for American cheese was “embalmed cheese.”

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In this video by Margaret Nelson, the narrator shows us how this product doesn’t even melt like real cheese, even when held up to an open flame! However, the plastic the cheese is wrapped in does melt, making it more digestible than the cheese. We could all take a little advice from Margaret, especially when she announces “good-bye” to this non-food.

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