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Women’s Face Shaving Secret

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Women’s Face Shaving Secret

Women’s Face Shaving Secret

Many of us have heard that after shaving hair grows back thicker or coarser, that’s why most women would never dream of bringing a razor anywhere near their face. Well, apparently there is a large number of women that do it secretly, but why?

Women’s Face Shaving Secret

Lately in many countries most exclusive aestheticians it has been known that shaving is the secret to softer, smoother, perfectly exfoliated skin. Men exfoliate their faces each time that they shave, which is one of the reasons they sometimes appear to age more slowly than women do. This is not regular shaving, don’t go after the first razor you see, it is in fact an ultra-precise method known as dermaplaning, an effective method of exfoliation that produces equivalent results to other methods such as microdermabrasion or superficial chemical peels, so in simple words it’s another way of exfoliating dead skin cells.

In fact, shaving face is popular among Japanese women and you can even go to a barbershop to shave your face there. Even Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor used to shave their face. Here are some notes you should know about shaving in women:


Because hair is often soft and fine in women, it’s easy to have a very smooth shave that lasts for 1-2 weeks. Fortunately, there are little to no problems with ingrowns and irritation after shave.

The hair doesn’t grow back thicker if you shave. If it did, balding men the world over would be shaving their heads now for thicker hair later. Shaving blunts the tip of the hair which makes it feel coarse until it grows out to the length it was pre shave. If a woman decides to stop shaving at some point, the hair will just go back to normal.

Women Shaving Their Faces is a New Beauty Trend

Because the hair will remain blunt for a few weeks after shaving – that period leaves the skin looking a bit stubbly. So you either have to shave again to keep it smooth or just stick it out and wait for it to grow to it’s soft length again.

If you want to go the DIY route, use a brow razor with a safety guard-not a regular shaver, it will make hair feel stiff, rough or blunt. Go slowly only do it when you don’t have to rush. You can watch this video for more details:

[Last Updated on August 3rd 2014]

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