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How to Treat Child Vaginal Area Irritation

How to Treat Child Vaginal Area Irritation How to Treat Child Vaginal Area

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Vaginal irritation is a condition that can occur in both adults and children. While you can take care of yourself, your child is not mature enough to deal with this condition on their own. How can you help them? Vaginal child irritation can be treated at home with natural remedies and some changes in hygiene. What are the symptoms of vulvovaginitis?

How to Treat Child Vaginal Area Irritation

Symptoms of Vulvovaginitis

The vaginal irritation child is experiencing is also known as vulvovaginitis. The symptoms of a vulvovaginitis are

  • Itching in the vaginal area
  • Discharge from the vagina
  • Redness on the outer lips of the vagina
  • Burning sensation when the child is passing urine

What causes vaginal irritation?

Vaginal child irritation can be caused by many factors but is most prevalent in the summer months. A common reason for it is the constant wearing of a swimming suit during the summer. The dampness from the polyester material is what causes the irritation.

Girls who love spending time in their bubble bath can also have this problem. Because the skin of children is still thin, the irritating agents found in most bubble baths can affect this sensitive area. Sometimes, the soap residues left after not washing thoroughly can cause an irritation child.

Sometimes, irritation can result from bad hygiene habits. Young girls that have just been potty trained are sometimes really excited about their newly found bathroom independence. They may not be wiping themselves properly or skipping wiping themselves completely. The urine and feces left in the area can irritate the skin.

In some cases, threadworms can cause irritation or worsen an already existing one. If that is the problem, the child has to be treated for worms.

Treating Vulvovaginitis at Home

In most cases, vulvovaginitis can be easily treated with simple home remedies. For one, make sure that your child is having good hygiene habits. If they are not bathing on a single day, make sure that they are getting their vaginal area washed with warm water to remove any residues of urine from the day.

If you have to, help them with wiping. Make sure that they are wiping from front to back and not the other way around. Teach them how to properly wipe themselves and that it is important for them. While you are at it, you can teach them to always wash their hands after using the bathroom.

If it is the summer, make sure that the child is not spending their whole day with a bathing suit. As soon as they stop bathing, change their clothes and take the bathing suit to dry. Cut down the time spent in the bubble bath as much as possible, and make sure that they thoroughly rinse the vaginal area after soaking inside the bubbles.

To help them avoid irritation, let the child spend as much time as possible wearing loose clothing and pajamas in the summer.

To treat the irritation, you can do vinegar or soda baths. For a vinegar bath, add a cup of white vinegar in a shallow bath in which the child will soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this each day. You can also do a bath with some soda added inside. Let them soak for 10 to 15 minutes each day until the irritation ceases.

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