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6 Natural Treatments For Vitiligo

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6 Natural Treatments For Vitiligo

6 Natural Treatments For Vitiligo
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

A few natural treatments for Vitiligo, these are not 100% effective but can reduce signs and spots on skin drastically.

1. In a study conducted at the Department of Dermatology of the University of Alabama it was found that folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin C are effective in increasing pigmentation of skin cells. Daily supplementation with vitamin B complex that contains approximately 100 grams of vitamin B and at least 400 micrograms of folic acid can be effective in reducing the spots of Vitiligo.

2. Some medical experts suggest that avoiding prolonged exposure to harmful rays of sunlight can help reduce the white patches of Vitiligo. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing when going out in the sun. Avoidance of sunlight, the main source of Vitamin D, may lead to a deficiency. In this situation foods like oily fish can help make up for this deficiency.

6 Natural Treatments For Vitiligo

Ayurveda for Vitiligo

Vitiligo can be helped with the help of Ayurvedic medication and practices but it does take time.
1. A mixture of mustard oil and turmeric is useful for reducing skin patches. Take 5 teaspoons turmeric powder and 250 ml (about 8 ounces) mustard oil. Mix together and apply to white patches twice daily. This should be done for 12-15 months to observe reduction in the patches.

2. Water kept in a copper vessel is part of Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda. Take fresh drinking water and place in a copper vessel. Leave overnight and drink the water in the morning. The properties of copper mixed with water help in re-pigmentation of the skin. Drinking this water stimulates the melanocytes and eventually increases melanin.

3. Applying sweet basil leaves extract mixed with lemon juice is an effective home-made remedy for Vitiligo. Application of this mixture on the white patches for 5-6 months can significantly reduce patches.

4. Radish seeds are effective in regeneration of lost melanin. Take 2 teaspoons vinegar and add it to powdered radish seeds. Mix it to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on the affected skin areas regularly for at least 6 months.

5. The plant mama cadela
has been used to treat Vitiligo since ancient times. Take the root of this plant and boil it in fresh water. Apply the extract on the affected skin areas. Experts suggest this herb helps in re-pigmentation of the skin. The natural immunity-increasing properties of this herb make it effective for treating almost all skin disorders.

6. Psoralen is an herb used in medication for Vitiligo, it can also be used as a home remedy. Soak some seeds of tamarind and psoralen in water and leave it for 4 days, dry it and make a paste. Apply the paste on white skin patches for one month. You can continue use for more significant results.
Along with above remedies, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet with essential nutrients. Studies show that many skin problems are caused by inadequate nutrition. It will keep your skin healthier and speed the healing process by strengthening the immune system.

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