Yoga For Better Posture


Yoga For Better Posture

Yoga can help you maintain better posture and a healthy Spine; it’s proven to strengthen your core for an all in all better support!

Yoga poses for better posture

The video below will give you some great Yoga posses and pointers for a better posture:


You first begin with Sukhasana or easy pose; this is a very easy beginners pose then, Virasana for better lengthening and spine alignment, with aligning your spine the next very important part to focus on is your shoulders; we often tend to hunch over without even noticing during the day and can let a whole day go by with our back hunched over! By rolling back our shoulders and opening up our chest we can easily correct this very bad habit.

After a long day at work and sitting behind the desk or sitting in traffic behind the wheel of your car there is no better way to unwind, relax and stretch than by doing Yoga.

So let’s get to it!