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The Number 1 Communication Trick To Deepen Your Relationship

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The Number 1 Communication Trick To Deepen Your Relationship

The Number 1 Communication Trick To Deepen Your Relationship

These days, more and more people are expressing interest in the cultivation of a healthy, long-lasting relationship with their significant other. Oftentimes, developing the ability to communicate effectively is presented as one of the most effective ways to deepen one’s relationship with a spouse or significant other. Yet there are a wide range of communication tricks an individual might have to master in order to become a more effective, supportive lover.

Indeed, becoming more effective in your communication abilities can involve a wide range of things, some of which include listening carefully, demonstrating more empathy, avoiding the tendency to be critical, and learning how to remain present and actively involved in conversations that may make you uncomfortable. Which aspect of communication is most important?

Communication Trick To Deepen Your Relationship

In considering the different communication tricks that can be used to deepen your relationship, you may be surprised to discover that the way you respond to good news can be one of the most integral factors in strengthening your connection with your partner. In reporting on the matter in an article entitled “The #1 Communication Trick To Deepen Your Relationship,” Dr. Patricia Thompson notes that how we respond to a partner’s good news can provide us with clear information regarding the depth and health of a relationship. With that idea in mind, the question becomes, how you should respond? There are at least four ways you can react to a partner’s good news:

• Active Constructive
• Passive Constructive
• Active Destructive
• Passive Destructive

Let’s say that your spouse or significant other recently obtained a job promotion and tells you about it. A response that would be considered active constructive is “Wow, honey, that’s wonderful! What led up to it? Give me all the details!” This type of communication informs your partner that you are generally interested in their life and excited about their professional progress. It is generally considered to be the best way to respond to your partner’s good news, but the sentiment needs to be genuine and heartfelt. (To learn more about the other modes of communicating with your significant other when she or he shares good news, refer to “The #1 Communication Trick To Deepen Your Relationship.”)

Summing It All Up

If you’re serious about cultivating a progressive, positive relationship with your significant other, you should know that many psychologists view communication as the central factor that will put the process in motion. Moreover, it’s important that you recognize that how you respond to your partner’s good news can be the deciding factor that contributes to the strengthening of your romantic relationship.

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