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Natural Migraine Remedies That Actually Work

Natural Migraine Remedies That Work

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Those who suffer from the debilitating pain of migraine headaches know what it feels like to be willing to do almost anything to stop them. You may only have occasional problems, or you may have a chronic issue with headaches. Either way, there are many things that can be done to ease the intensity, the underlying symptoms and even the regularity with which you get migraines.

There are many reasons and potential causes for migraines and they are different from person to person. Not all prescription medications or alternative treatments are right for everyone, and some people can’t find any relief through pharmaceuticals. Many sufferers turn to a more homeopathic method of dealing with their migraines.

If prescription medications are too expensive for you or simply haven’t’ worked for you in the past, there are plenty of options that you can try at home for less money. The important thing is to find what works the best for you and try to recognize and avoid your migraine triggers.

Diet Is Key

The most common trigger for migraines can be found in what you are eating. Food additives and preservatives are a contributing factor to many headaches. Here is a list of some of the more common foods that can be linked to migraines.


• Found in hotdogs, sausages, bacon and deli meats


• Spirits, beer and especially Red Wine


• Dark or natural chocolate is less likely to cause a migraine than the more processed types like Milk or White


• Cheeses that contain Tyramine include Cheddar, Parmesan, Swiss, Feta and Blue


• Food preservative – Monosodium Glutamate is found in many processed foods

Try AcuPressure

The science of utilizing certain pressure points on the body to relieve pain and nausea. You may want to go and see a specialist or research different techniques that you can try at home.

Peppermint Oil

When used topically, the menthol in Peppermint Oil can reduce the severity of a migraine. Rub oil on your forehead and temples for the best results.


You can try eating fresh Ginger or taking a Ginger powder supplement. Ginger has long been known to ease nausea but taken daily it can help with the frequency and intensity of your migraines.


Many people suffer from migraines that are directly related to a magnesium deficiency. Taking a Magnesium Oxide supplement can help with the severity of symptoms in migraines with Aura.


The overall body and health benefits of Yoga are unlimited. The breathing, stretching and meditation aspects of yoga training can help to reduce the number of migraines that you have.

Chill It Down

Ice packs on the forehead, neck, and shoulders can help ease the pain of a migraine. The cold helps to slow the blood flow to the area and can relieve some of the pain of a migraine.

Vitamin B2

Otherwise known as Riboflavin, this vitamin can be found in dairy products like cheese and milk as well as fish. You may also be able to find it in an easy daily supplement to help prevent migraines from starting.


This is a tricky one. Although small doses of caffeine can actually help quite a bit with a migraine, too much caffeine on a regular basis can increase the likelihood of getting a migraine. Your best bet is to try some caffeine in small doses while a migraine is already in process.

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