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Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes

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Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes, and tired eyes are all different names for the same thing. They can be caused by something as innocuous as shadows from your eyelids (especially in overhead, fluorescent lighting) or a symptom of something as serious as scurvy. Most people associate dark circles under the eyes with fatigue, but there is frequently no correlation. The most common causes of puffy eyes are allergies, eczema, smoking, nasal congestion, sun exposure, pigmentation irregularities, and the loss of collagen in the skin which creates hollow spaces beneath the eyes. The remedies here work best for tired eyes. Consult a doctor if you have pain, irritation, swelling, or discoloration in or around the eyes.

There are many beauty creams and serums that promise great results in warding off the dark tinge under the eyes, however, not all commercially-made products are as effective as they would like you to believe. These tips are time-tested and, usually, easy to incorporate into any routine.

Cold Towel Compress

This is the simplest, most convenient, and cheap remedy for “eye bags”. Applying a cold towel above the eyes helps reduce the swelling. To do this, soak a face towel in a bowl of ice cold water, wring out excess water and place over the eyes. Do this, preferably in the evening, as often as you like.

Eat Spinach

The dark tinge under the eyes can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin K and according to studies, spinach is rich in Vitamin K.

Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water, at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. If water is too bland for your taste, substitute fruits that have high water content, which are also rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body. Keep in mind that water is good for removing toxins, which may have lead to the formation of the “bags” in the first place. Also, avoid carbonated and caffeinated drinks, as well as drinks that have high sugar content. They may be causing eye puffiness, which is typically caused by dehydration where the body compensates by reserving more water that is primarily located under the eyes.

Cold Cucumber Slices

This may be oldest trick and borderline cliche, but this trick performs such wonders you will not believe it. Placing cold cucumber slices helps reduce dark shadows under the eyes and reduces puffiness. To do this, slice the cucumber (unpeeled) and place it in the chiller or fridge for 10-20 minutes or until cold, then position it on your eyes. Be sure that the diameter of the sliced cucumber fits just right.

Limit Your Sodium Intake

In order to keep this in mind, just remember that where sodium is, water is attracted and therefore pool together. Although without salt, every food you find is not as tasty as it was with salt in it and sodium is needed by the body for daily functions, sodium causes water retention; therefore you should avoid foods that are high in sodium. You can also try a saltwater treatment for the eyes. Mix ½ teaspoon salt with ¼ cup warm water. With the use of eye pads, dip them in the mixture and apply it over the eyes, lying on your back for about ten minutes.

Use Tea

Tea is a great source of antioxidants and it is also good for inflammation, whether your favorite cup is black or green tea. Usually tea bags are only used once and then discarded, but in this case, you can actually put the remaining tea bag to use. After steeping the tea bag for a couple of minutes, and enjoying a cuppa, leave the tea bag until it is cool enough to be place around the eyes (closed) and cover it with a cloth. During the summer or on hot days, you can keep the steeped tea bags in the refrigerator and apply cold on the eyes for a more soothing and relaxing experience.

Keep in mind that you are your first priority. It is always rewarding to pamper your body with these helpful tips once in a while and enjoy the immediate effects it brings. These are just a few of the tips that will help relieve you from the puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. Be mindful that these are alternative techniques. Sometimes, you may experience puffiness in the middle of the day. This can be caused by make-up for women since some beauty products contain formaldehyde which causes puffiness in the eyes.

Also, be careful on how you treat your eyes. When you wake up, never rub your eyes, avoid it during the whole day since it irritates the eyes. To prevent water retention, elevate your head to keep water from pooling. Another trick is before you rise up from the bed to massage the bone surrounding the eyes using the ring finger in a circular motion for 15 minutes with your eyes closed. Most importantly, avoid straining the eyes! Rest your eyes by looking elsewhere from the computer for a couple of minutes several times each hour.


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