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Rub Toothpaste into Your Hand for This Healthful Reason

Rub Toothpaste into Your Hand for This Healthful Reason

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Rub Toothpaste into Your Hand for This Healthful Reason

Rub Toothpaste into Your Hand for This Healthful Reason

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According to most people, toothpaste can only be utilized for a single reason, and this is brushing teeth. We all agree that toothpaste whitens, deodorizes, brightens, restores, removes stains, and protects our teeth. However, the cleaning characteristics and capabilities of toothpaste work wonderfully on a variety of things in addition to our teeth. And there many ways to rub toothpaste for good!

The ingredients in toothpaste, those that enable the polishing of our teeth to sparkle whites, have a number of different abilities. These ingredients can make your household items sparkle, soothe a variety of common ailments, and even rid pungent smells and stains from your home.

The breath-freshening and cavity-fighting properties of toothpaste work like magical wonders when it comes to some of the alternative uses. You might be skeptical about the potential results of using toothpaste for other functions as opposed to cleaning your teeth. You most probably never heard of alternative toothpaste applications, which would only contribute to your skepticism. Listed below are six unusual alternative uses for toothpaste.

Included with these six alternate uses are simple and straightforward application methods, and all you have to do is follow the simple instructions.

1. Getting rid of bruises
As much as using toothpaste to get rid of bruises might be a weird way to use toothpaste, it actually works and gives excellent results. You will, however, need to use menthol toothpaste for this particular purpose. You must simply rub toothpaste directly onto the bruised part of your body and ensure it is entirely covered up to help keep the toothpaste intact, at least overnight.

You will notice that the bruise is either faded or completely gone by the time you wake up in the morning. Toothpaste works underneath your skin to effectively help in the breaking up and releasing of blood, which is then flushed through your skin.

2. Remove stains from your carpet
Using toothpaste to remove some of the most stubborn stains from your carpet is quite simple. You simply need to apply a little fluoride toothpaste onto the stained areas of your carpet and then use a clean wet sponge or towel to rub the affected area gently. Rinse the area out and check whether or not you have successfully removed the stain, repeat the process until the area is clean whenever necessary.

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3. Prevention of hair dye stains
For those of us addicted to hair dyes, those stubborn stains located around the hairline, most of which just don’t budge, usually represent your worst nightmares. Using toothpaste helps in the removal of these marks. It is, however, a better idea to rub a little non-gel toothpaste around your hairline a few minutes before you start dying your hair. The toothpaste provides an ideal coating cover to your skin. Applying toothpaste to your hairline before you dye your hair minimizes the potential of developing hair dye stains.

Rub Toothpaste into Your Hand for This Healthful Reason

4. Strengthen your nails
Your nails are made of the same substance as your teeth. As such, using toothpaste to clean and maintain your nails makes perfect sense. Using a toothbrush and non-gel toothpaste to give your nails a little extra exfoliating strengthens and makes them shine.


5. Remove scratches and smudges from discs
Although the use of toothpaste as a remedy for scratches constitutes various success rates, it evidently works to some extent. Apply a thin coat of non-gel toothpaste to your smudged or scratched disc and use a clean cloth to rub toothpaste on it gently. Remove the paste by rinsing the disc clean. Using non-gel toothpaste works fairly well as a remedy for shallow scratches and smudges.

6. Remove crayon marks from your walls
For most parents, particularly those with young children, chalk marks usually present quite a challenge when it comes to cleaning. Using toothpaste to remove crayon marks from your walls is a trick every parent should know. Apply a little non-gel toothpaste to the affected areas and then scrub the wall. Using toothpaste results in your wall looking as good as new.

As much as it is difficult to believe, most of the alternative uses of toothpaste are actually factual. You should also know that trying any of the remedies mentioned above can never harm either you or your valuable. As such, we hope you find our guidelines helpful.

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