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9 Reasons to Turn Him into Your Husband

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9 Reasons to Turn Him into Your Husband

Before I said “I do” to him, there were 9 things he did that no one else had before. If your guy does any of these, chances are he’s the man you should turn into your husband.

1. He accepts your craziness.
Let’s be honest, shall we? All women have a tendency to be a little less reserved when we are falling for a man. We tend to stop thinking so much with our brains and use more of our emotions to guide the way. The problem with emotions is that they make us seem a little – crazy. It’s the one who accepts it with an understanding that is worthy of forever.

2. He allows you to be a woman.
If he scolds you for lifting a heavy object, your only reaction should be a smile. When he tries to solve your problems – let him! Most of us are so used to being independent that we get offended by the word “help”. It makes us feel weak and inferior when someone else tries to take control of our issues. That is the one you need to remind you of your femininity.

3. He treats your family as his own.
Whether it’s quality time spent with your dad on the golf course, volunteering to clean your mom’s shutters, or constantly making plans with your kids; these are things you should treasure. Believe it or not, a man who wants a relationship with those that have a relationship with you is thinking long-term.

4. He talks to you.
This is a big one. Ever notice how hard it is to get a man to open up about…anything? According to American Psychological Associations President and Nova Southeastern University Psychologist Ronald F. Levant, Ed D, there is a term for this; “normative male alexithymia” – literally “without words for emotions”. Don’t expect him to sit down and tell you how often he thought of you every day. However, if he doesn’t mind filling you in, you should be proud to be his woman, as this is a rarity.

5. Compromises are frequent.

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Remember begging your ex to do something that interested you, though you volunteered to do EVERYTHING he liked? Total opposites, right? Of course, don’t expect him to watch every “$ex and the City” rerun with you, but does he sit through one tear-jerker in exchange for an afternoon of sports?

6. Every moment is reminiscent of him.
This is an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many women deny it. For back-up, I went to Laura Argintar’s blog Your text to link… where she states that if that cheesy love song comes on and you think of him even after the “honeymoon phase”, he’s a keeper. If he’s the first one you call after some exciting news, let him be the one you run to.

7. He’s supportive.
Research done at Wharton University of Pennsylvania notes that according to Betsy Myers, director of the Center for Women and Business at Bentley University in Waltham Massachusetts, “…hundreds of women could not have gotten to where they are without their incredibly supportive husband…” If he’s more interested in your career than you are he’s showing that he believes in you. Believe in his love for you.

8. He understands your faults.
You know that thing you do that even you can’t stand? That flaw that ran away the last guy you were dating (and everyone before him)? No need to worry because this guy gets it. He looks past it or helps you past it without judgment.

9. You’re in his future.
He takes you along to all of the family gatherings. He encourages joint purchases and asks your opinion on career moves. These are signs pointing to his willingness to share the rest of his life with you. Say “I do”.

Surely, there are thousands of other ways a man can prove his worthiness. If you love him and he idolizes you, keep him. If he shows these 9 signs, make him your husband.

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