What Your Hand Size Says About Your Personality

What Your Hand Size Says About Your Personality

What Your Hand Size Says About Your Personality

Does your hand size have anything to do with your personality? Some studies say that, yes, your hand size has a lot to do with who you are. So, take a look!


Are your hands small?
There is a simple way to find out. Curl your hand toward your wrist. If you can easily touch your wrist, you have small hands.

People with small hands like adventure, and don’t mind the risk involved. Personal relationships, like romance, are never boring! Drama rules. People with small hand size tend to be adventurous with their belongings and money, too. They are quite generous.

Logical approaches to problem-solving are employed by small-handed people, and they do not procrastinate when faced with an issue.

Are your hands large?
If your hand size is large, you tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. Details are important for you, and you have a high level of job performance. You do tend to be somewhat more sensitive than the average person, and, realizing that, you may be somewhat standoffish upon introduction to strangers. You are aware that you may overreact to certain situations, which explains your caution.

What shape is your palm?

Palm reading is sometimes taken very seriously. In a practical sense, the shape of the palm yields information about you, as well.

Square palms denote a practical person. You will often see builders with strong, square hands. Many people with square hands are engineers or mathematicians.

Quick problem resolution is a feature of those with rectangular palms. On average, people with rectangular palms tend to be quick thinkers, and quick conclusions can get them into trouble, so they usually make an effort to think twice.

Long fingers with a rectangular palm denote a person eager for adventure, yet sensitive to the feelings of others. Long fingers are often a mark of curiosity, both intellectual and personal.