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17 Everyday Hair Styles Made Easy

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17 Everyday Hair Styles Made Easy
17 Everyday Hair Styles Made Easy

17 Everyday Hair Styles Made Easy

We all want to look and feel our best every single day but this is a very hard task to accomplish when having long or just simply difficult hair! Everyday hair styling can feel like a chore and be really time consuming and costly but, with a few simple tricks you can have the hair you want every single day!

17 Everyday Hair Styles Made Easy 1

Below we show you how to have amazing looking hair styles for everyday of the week:

1. Secure the end of your braid with a bobby pin to give it that amazing finish  

Hair Styling Made Easy 1

2. For a chic ponytail cover the elastic part with a section of your hair 

Hair Styling Made Easy 2

3. Give your ponytail an extra boost with two bobby pins 

Hair Styling Made Easy 3

4. By using a headband give yourself an fabulous updo  

Hair Styling Made Easy 4

5. By first braiding your hair then ironing it with a flat iron, get the waves you always wanted in minutes 

Hair Styling Made Easy 5

6. If you have bangs and they annoy you sometimes, the best way to have a bang free day is to brad them to the side and pin them

17 Everyday Hair Styles Made Easy 99

7. By dusting some eyeshadow on your scalp your make your hair appear thicker instantly 

Hair Styling Made Easy 7


8. Use a toilet seat cover to blot away the extra oil from your hair  

Hair Styling Made Easy 8


9. Give yourself a root touch up with mascara in between coloring 

Hair Styling Made Easy 9


10. Use a toothbrush to give some definition to your braids 

Hair Styling Made Easy 10


11. For those of you with straight hair, roll your hair into a coil, wrap it in a foil and iron for beautiful long lasting curls 

Hair Styling Made Easy 11


12. By creating two ponytails on top of each other you’ll give the illusion of a longer ponytail 

Hair Styling Made Easy 12


13. Pull one side of your hair into a side pony tail to get that side-swept look

Hair Styling Made Easy 13


14. By using a goody spin pin instead of several bobby pins you’ll give your updo a cleaner look

Hair Styling Made Easy 14


15. By pulling your hair braid apart you’ll make it look fuller  

Hair Styling Made Easy 15


16. Pull your hair up and spray the roots to give your hair more volume 

Hair Styling Made Easy 16


17. Crate your own salt water spray with a teaspoon of salt and some sparkling water for those beachy waves 

Hair Styling Made Easy 17

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